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Just Another Wal-Mart Offering

Wal-Mart employee soliciting in store bathroomA multi-tasking, entrepreneurial employee of Wal-Mart has allegedly been operating a side business in the store bathroom. Yes, he’d been soliciting Wal-Mart customers for a little hanky panky in the toilets. In an act of pure genius he had been using Craigslist as his advertising platform for which to organise dates and times, then  he’d toddle off during his break to perform sex acts with them for money. On the days he wasn’t working at Wal-Mart  he would use the bathrooms at Crandall Public Library. Sheez, talk about a man in demand.

Want sauce with that?

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I’m A Prostitute Thanks To McDonalds

Holy frivolous lawsuit Batman. A woman in the US is suing McDonald’s because she claims their crappy wages and pathetic worker support forced her into a life of prostitution. Oh and by the way she is also suing her ex hubby who was the owner of the store in which she worked and who later sacked her. Hmm, so in her suit she claims she was wrongfully sacked and that the action forced her to seek employment in a brothel. Oh wait there’s more, she also claims McDonald’s crappy overall management allowed hubby to operate a prostitution service from his franchise. The best bit is she married her hubby AFTER she started working as a prostitute. Come on, come on, please let Judge Judy get the case….pleeeeaaaassssse!!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Gramps Charged With Prostitution

My bad?

Ewh, ewh, ewh, an 83 year old from Iowa has been charged with prostitution after he offered his services to a woman in exchange for a repayment of a loan. Oh lord have mercy! Mr Dawson was arrested after he grabbed the woman and began kissing her neck. Well there goes any chance of becoming a candidate for Centerville’s city council but I bet he will be popular at the retirement village!


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Church of Prostitution?

I'll take you to heaven mister

Yeah, about that Phoenix Goddess Temple, aka the “sexual healing” church, police think it’s more like the Phoenix Temple of prostitution so they have  raided it. Now the temple practitioner Wayne Clayton and 12 of his healers have been arrested despite them maintaining the sex sessions are part of their religion and are for “healing” purposes not money for sex. Good luck explaining it ain’t a house of prostitution  to a grand jury.


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Pimping The Pensioners

That S.O.B. said he was playing bingo!

OMG, what is the story with the Pride and Joy Adult Day Care Center, people? Jose Molina (76) allegedly shot and killed his romantic rival, Eugenio De Los Santos (78) who he believed was paying to have sex with the same health care provider he was. In a two page note he left at the scene he said he intended to kill the nurse but thought De Los Santos was a better bet. Ironically no one will get nursy now, police opened fire on Molina after he refused to drop his weapon, killing him too.Despite the health care provider denying any hanky panky for money she did say some nurses were prostituting themselves. Hmm, those little blue pills must be selling like hotcakes!


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So What Do You Recommend?

I didn't ask for THAT!

I didn't ask for THAT!

Geez I don’t get that kind of service at my coffee shop! Hmm, seems the women behind the Everett espresso stand ‘Grab and Go’ will give you more than just a caffeine fix if you ask nicely. Police have arrested the five barista women for alleged  prostitution and violating the city’s Adult Entertainment ordinance. The police were responding to complaints  by angry locals (obviously other women) who claimed the woman were exposing themselves and using whipped cream inappropriately for extra money. The owner of the ‘Grab and Go’ said “Every girl that works for us knows that our policy states clearly, acceptable attire for work. They must cover their bottoms and use pasties, if necessary.” OMG, what sort of friggin coffee place….ah never mind.


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