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Eggs Benedict

An artist is about to put her art work on display in Wisconsin. Called “Eggs Benedict”, the work made entirely out of 17,000 coloured condoms, bears an uncanny resemblance to retired Pope, Benedict. The work is a protest about comments he made a few years back claiming the use of contraception in Africa could increase the spread of AIDS. A bit late honey on your protest!


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Ultimate Knock-Out

Well ain’t that awks. An Indian female boxer made a stunning protest gesture at this years Asian Games in South Korea . During the semi finals Sarita Devi, who punched the crap out of the South Korean boxer, somehow lost by  a unanimous decision. Devastated at the decision, which she believed was rigged, she made her anger felt by refusing to have the bronze medal placed around her neck, and instead took it and placed it over the head of the woman who beat her.

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Thumbs Up To Vaginas On NZ TV

No word on penises

Well congrats New Zealand, protest dismissed, you can now watch vaginas on TV. Seems a few Kiwis had a prob with an episode of Embarrassing Bodies which featured shots of women’s vaginas. New Zealand’s Broadcasting Standards Authority announced it was all good, no standards breached as the scenes were “matter-of-fact and clinical”. Move on, nothing to see here.


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Wikipedia Turns Into Pumpkin At Midnight

Now what?

In a protest that  will to horrify ever student around the world, Wikipedia is shutting down for 24 hours in protest of the new anti piracy bills (SOPA and PIPA).


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Jackass vs Westboro

OMG, this could be more entertaining/dangerous than a Jackass episode … Fred Phelps and his Westboro groupies are planing to picket Ryan Dunn’s funeral. The announcement was made on their website along with  this charming statement “This arrogant jackass, famous for his “vulgar stunts” at which this nation snickered, died in a car accident in Goshen, PA (one of the most evil states to ever exist) after tweeting a picture of himself & two “friends” drinking – just hours before a 3 AM high-speed crash left him & his passenger dead & in flames. This is no prank!”

Pity the fools!!!



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Leave Her Alone!

So guess who’s coming to Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral? The friggin Westboro Church protesters, that’s who! Attention whores!


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Now See What You’ve Done!!!

I don’t know if it’s a good idea Reverend Jones! Burning the Koran as a protest could get you a whole lot of whoopass. A small group of evangelical Christians are planning a Koran burning on September 11th as a protest against violent Islamic extremists. Good luck with that. Reverend Jones and his bunch of followers (12), from the Dove World Outreach Center, are now clutching pistols thanks to the numerous death threats they have received since putting up their “International Burn a Koran Day” sign. The extremists congregation are planning to BBQ 200 Korans. Hmm, no words of encouragement yet from Rushdie!

Update : Holy crap Mr Jones, seems words got back to Afghanistan.


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Weeding Out The Bad Councillors

Hang on...that isnt Michael Jackson is it?

Hang on...that isnt Michael Jackson is it?

Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane… nah it’s the human shrub. Colchester Borough Council have been neglecting their town’s planter boxes and threatening to bulldoze rose beds in order to save a pretty penny. But that was before the Human Shrub showed his ugly face foliage. Yes, a very disgruntled man dressed up like a 6ft shrub (or dead roll on lawn) has been taking matters into his own hands by replacing the weeds, which now grow in abundance in the planter boxes and replaced them with flowers. He says “The councillors responsible for this massacre should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and resign immediately.” They say “If the Human Shrub is crossing dual carriageways in order to make a political point then I think he is being very irresponsible.” Yep, certainly sounds like Nannyville councillors! Good luck with that Mr Human Shrub man person.


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