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Freakin Morons Get Apology

Naw, a democratic Massachusetts mayor has copped it sweet, eaten humble pie and decided to apologise for calling protesters “freakin’ morons” during a public meeting. The demonstrators were ranting about the immigration policies of  Trump when the mayor unleashed his inner kraken (on a live mic) and said “freakin’ morons. Morons, morons, morons” and then followed up by calling them uneducated. Now that is what I call bipartisan .

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Libya Says Civil War, China Say Performance Art!

People are revolting!

On the 14th of Feb, three days after the fall of Egyptian Pres Mubarak, Libyan Facebook users sent out the call to peacefully protest against Gadhafi. Needless to say the Libyan government were not amused and tried to quell fears Gadhafi’s days as dictator were numbered. It didn’t work. Seven days later and the streets now flow with the  blood of disgruntled Libyans as soldiers gunned them down on the streets and even as they bury the dead. It is rumored Libya have switched off the internet so soldiers can begin slaughtering protester away from the horrified eyes of the world. Hmm, there isn’t much they can do when Libya’s Internet is owned and controlled by the government. Today Gadhafi’s son Saif al-Islam appeared on state television to warn demonstrators that if they don’t stop the nonsense the country is heading for a civil war.

I swear this is all the doing of the Y-gen! Friggin social media!

Psst Meanwhile over in China another Facebook protest campaign named the “Jasmine Revolution” has been dismissed by Chinese Government as simply “performance art”. Good luck with that!


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There Is A God

Well, well, well, after the evil Westboro Baptist church members had finished protesting at the military funeral of Army Sgt. Jason James McCluskey in McAlester on Saturday  they returned to their minivan only to find two of it’s tires slashed.That’s a bitch. Even more amusing was watching it slowly thump on down the road with two flat tires (and a police escort) because they couldn’t find a soul in  town who would repair it. The van eventually limped to a shopping center car park where the AAA were called. It was last seen being towed to Walmart. Hmm seems “God hates Westboro” too.


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Golden Shower

That's gross!

Ewh, a man is facing charges after it was alleged he sprayed fox urine on protesters and a police officer outside a restaurant in Portland. No one is quite sure why he sprayed them as he wasn’t involved in the wage dispute protest but it may have been because he was sick and tired of the commotion near his apartment (which happens to be above the restaurant). Geez, forget the story, I want to know how he got a fox to pee into a container!


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