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The Cultural Divide

I don’t care who you are or what you are protesting, this type of behaviour is unAustralian and should NEVER be tolerated. Friggin DISGRACEFUL!!!!!!

Up to 400 protestors stormed the streets of Sydney angry at a US film  that supposedly depicts Mohammad as a womanizer and pedophile. This film was made by some Christian religious group and placed on YouTube. I have no idea why they are killing innocent people and attacking Americans  for something they were not even affiliated with.


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Hey Julia, Want Ya Shoe Back?

If it wasn’t embarrassing enough that Australia’s Prime Minister was humiliatingly dragged from an Australia Day awards ceremony due to Aboriginals behaving badly yesterday. The protestors are now threatening to put the shoe she lost in the tussle on eBay. Activist Pat Eatock who is in possession of the size 36 blue heel said “She can’t have it, this is going on eBay,” she said. “We are going to see if we can get some money for the (tent) embassy.” In typical double standards, authorities say they will not lay any charges on the aborigines who terrorized people (including the PM and the opposition leader) gathered in The Lobby restaurant.  Pathetic. “White” man moons the Queen and he’s treated like a friggin criminal. How can we call this country a democracy when we kowtow to minorities in so called “fear” of being called racist.

Psst Tent embassy is an area in Canberra that for 40 years has been occupied by Aboriginals protesting land rights.


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Reindeer in a Can Sold Out

Get your reindeer pate here!!

OK, here’s the thing animal rights protestors outraged over the sale of cans of reindeer pate, try not making a big  who-ha about it because now they have all friggin sold out! Vegetarians International Voice for Animals launched a scathing campaign against the UK department store Harvey Nichols for selling one of the most popular symbols of Christmas as a food product. They were particularly disgusted at the packaging which claimed the contents are a  “farm-raised relative of Rudolph” Result? It has now become the must have item for Christmas.


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Occupy Wall Street vs Occupy Perth

OK loons, on the world scale I think Occupy Perth pretty much fails. Hmm, so much for State of Excitement!!!

This is the Occupy Wall Street protestors ….

and these loons are Occupy Perth ones but  shh, they are asleep, you might wake them!!


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