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On The Buses

You get cleaned up by a bus…what do you do? Go to the pub of course….

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A squirrel walks into a bar….

Imagine the surprise when you discover your bar has been trashed and the culprit staggers from behind a packet of potato chips still drunk as a skunk. Introducing one little inebriated squirrel. Seems the little rodent spent the night in the Honeybourne Railway Club getting into the alcohol. During his drunken stupor he smashed bottles , glasses and turned on the beer tap. The little guy was still pissed when he was eventually thrown out.


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Monica Lewinsky You Are Not Alone

Attention office workers. If you decide to have sex at work (after dark) make sure the lights are off and there isn’t a pub full of Kiwis drinking across the road who can see you ….just saying. Oh and yes ,they did record every sordid detail on their smart phones and then posted them all over Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. The married senior insurance manager and the young female office junior were unaware they were being cheered on from across the street by over 50 bar patrons. One witness said  ‘To be honest, after watching them f*** for a good half hour, people started to get bored and drift off back to the dancefloor.’

It wasn’t long before news travelled back to the missus (and the world) that her hubby had been well, you know …. No word on the fate of the two love rats.


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Flying High

Oh what up people? Seems a guy can’t drive his plane to the pub anymore without causing a stir !!! A pilot in Newman, Western Australia took  his wingless Beechcraft two-seater aircraft down the main drag straight to the local to have a cold one. Unfortunately the Halloween prank got him in big doodah as he didn’t have a pilot’s license…oh and the judge got all nanny statey about the potential of the propellor inflicting injuries on unsuspecting locals (especially kids).

A Newman police officer inspects the inside of the plane.


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British Prime Minister Misplaces His Daughter

Excuse me Mr Cameron, would you mind coming back to the pub because you forgot something….your 8 year old daughter!!!!  The British Prime Minister and  family were having a good old time at their local pub but when they got home they realized one of the brood was missing. Seems she had slipped off to the loo without telling anyone just before they left. Doh!

Psst Isn’t his security men suppose to count heads?


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Open 6 Until Late

So who knew that in Tassie when a pub says meals from 6pm until late, it really means from 6 until 8pm. Needless to say the loon went to bed on a empty stomach! Thanks Longford!!


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Friggin Big Cow

When I was in New Zealand last year I drove around in a hire car with the nastiest GPS on earth, who I named Jean. On one of the bitch’s little deliberate side track/ detours, I ended up here, in Te Poi, where everything is friggin enormous. To top it off, as I was snapping the atrocities, a woman at the pub shouted at me ” If you were a bloke I’d flash my tits” to which I replied “If I was a man, I would probably let you.” In it’s glory days, the 6m Friesian cow’s eyes lit up at night and she was fitted with speakers (I hate to think why?). Awesome!


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A Koala Walks Into A Pub And The Bartender Says ….

A koala walks into a bar in Queensland and promptly nods off without so much as a friggin punchline. Hmm, now there’s a Koala I could bear! The scaredy assed marsupial waltzed into the Marlin Bar during a stormy night, proceeded to the bar, climbed up a beam and fell asleep, much to the amusement of the patrons. The koala’s pub crawl ended when the bartender refused to serve him without proper ID and rang the ranger.


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Drinks Are On Me

Welcome to the coolest funeral home in the world. The Monahan Funeral Home in Providence has been granted a liquor license so they can open an Irish pub inside. The bar will be called McBrides , will seat up to 60 people and serve pub grub. Oh yeah!


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