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Prepare To Be Grossed Out

pube_hairFrom the woman that bought you the Skittles dress, introducing the pube hair dress. I know, just gross. But loons, there is more, the designer used social media to source the pubic hairs. Oh for the love of hair wax, just NO.

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Should’ve Just Paid For The Meal

Man caught putting his own pubic hair in meal OK, here’s the thing people trying to get a free meal at an Indian restaurant in northern England, don’t be plucking no pubes from ya pants and then throwing them in your curry, especially if they have CCTV. Dude!!!! Evidently a customer put his hands down his pants and grabbed some short and curlies and threw them into his lamb bhuna leftovers so he wouldn’t have to pay for his meal. That’s two weeks in jail fool.

Psst I am pretty sure Indians can recognise their own pubes!!!


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It Sucks to be Hugh Jackman

I'm telling ya it wasn't me

I’m telling ya it wasn’t me

Some deranged stalker waltzed into Jackman’s New York gym and hurled her pube filled electric razor at him. The sobbing fan slipped past security, located the actor, pulled the razor out of her pants and chucked it at him. Jackman, bless his wolverine soul, responded by stepping backwards because he thought she was gonna pull a gun from her pants. She was later arrested, while some unlucky cop had the most awesome job of picking the pubic hair from the blade to get a DNA match. Hmm, sucks to be him too.


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You Thought You Could Get Away With That?

Ewh, this was never going to end well. A New Jersey cook,  Ryan Burke, was working in a restaurant in Evesham Township when two cops  walked in. He instantly recognized one of the officers as the cop who had charged him for a 2009 traffic violation. So as revenge he pubed his sandwich. Yes, that’s right, he grabbed a clump of chest hair, then a clump of pubic hair and added it to the sandwich. That’s a 15 day jail sentence and 2 years probation right there! Hmm, you know, somehow I think no matter what the sentence, Ryan Burke, will always have the satisfaction of knowing the cop swallowed his pubes!

Psst Yes, the policeman did eat part of the sandwich before noticing the hairs.


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A Close Shave

Why is there a razor on your lap Miss?

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper said a two car pile up was caused by a woman attempting to  shave her privates while driving. Geez, and I thought texting was bad. Evidently Megan Mariah Barnes was meeting her boyfriend and wanted to look nice! Oh and it gets better, her ex hubby (don’t ask, I have no idea)  who was sitting in the passenger seat, grabbed the wheel while she shaved away at her pubes. Anywho, she slammed into the back of a Chevrolet (ooh an instant Brazilian!). Thankfully no one or nothing was seriously  injured in the crash, oh except some dignity. After the accident Barnes and her ex drove a little further up the road in an attempt to swap seats but the trooper could tell by in injuries sustained by one of the airbags deploying who was actually driving. Oh and you want to know the real bummer? The day before the accident Barnes was in court for a DUI charge in which her license was revoked for 5 years. Oh dear she is now facing jail time.


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Hope Floats But Bleach Burns

OMG Sandra Bullock, far too much information. Seems like Sandra Bullock’s  Valentines present to hubby Jesse James got a little overheated. As a surprise she decided to shave her pubic hair into a heart shape and dye it pink. What could possibly go wrong Miss Congeniality? Hmm,well it seems the bleach burned like a bitch and the dye went a nasty color. Sounds like she pretty much spent February 14th soaking it in an ice bucket.

Psst This is the kind of image I just don’t want to have!


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Wax On Wax Off

One way to get even with your drunken boyfriend is to shave his pubic hair off. Yeah, as long as you don’t hang around long enough for him to sober up. A Winnipeg man went absolutely ballistic when he awoke from his drunken stupor to discover he had no pubs (it’ll be cold in winter). He was later arrested when his girlfriend rang police saying her boyfriend was going ape shit. That’ll be 6 months house arrest. Well at least his pubs should have grown back by then. Hmm, here’s hoping there isn’t any ingrowns !


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You Did Friggin What?

WTF, where's the vacum cleaner!

WTF, where's the vacuum cleaner!

Ewh no, please say it isn’t so! Manuel Gonzalez was so remorseful about breaking into his neighbors home he fessed up to her. OK, he wasn’t so remorseful about the burglary as he was about cutting his public hair in her home and then leaving the trimmings. Yes, his pubes! Awkward.Of course she rang the police after hearing that little clanger! Is there such a charge as being friggin gross?


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