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Student Reprimanded For Protecting Classmate From Bully

Student Reprimanded For Protecting Classmate From BullyOh for goodness sakes, when a kid at a Calgary high school saw a bully pull a knife on another kid in class , he instinctively tackled him, but instead of being thanked he was sent to the office because the Principal said the school didn’t “condone heroics”. While he escaped being suspended the HERO said he was made to feel as if he has done something wrong.

Want sauce with that?


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You Need Balls Of Steel To Work At Home Depot

Hmm, I am thinking the last thing you would want is your testicles twisted by Robin Roberts. Ms Roberts, a suspected shoplifter, allegedly had a confrontation with a Home Depot security guard before twisting his testicles and then pulling a knife on him. The guard had confronted her over several items believed to have been lifted from the store. At some stage during their tussle another man joined in before fleeing. The guard was eventually able to cuff Roberts but then had to ring the Dallas Fire and Rescue after she suffered an asthma attack.


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