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Mother Sends Daughter to Siberia

Don't worry honey, someone will come to your rescue

Don’t worry honey, someone will come to your rescue

Holy punishment Batman. A misbehaving US teen was plonked on a plane to Siberia by her mother as punishment for being a shit at home. The girl, who was 15 at the time, was told she would spend three weeks living with her Russian father but she is still there 2 and a half years later. The girl who couldn’t speak Russian lived with  father who spoke no English for awhile but is currently living in a hotel, going to school and working 60 hours a week to avoid having to rely on her father who she discovered is no prince Charming. Meanwhile her mother seems to have washed her hands of the teen, who, if she turns 18 in Russia, may not be allowed to return to the US. Sheez, let this be a warning to all misbehaving teens …. tough love can be a bitch.

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An Eye For An Eye

An eye for an eye policy in Suadi ArabiaA word of warning to anyone thinking of committing a crime in Saudi Arabia, they have an eye for an eye justice policy. A court has just given the thumbs up for a man to have his spinal cord severed as punishment for stabbing his childhood buddy in the back. Ten years ago when Ali al-Khawahir was 14 he stabbed his friend leaving him paralysed, now after spending a decade in prison he has to come up with £176,000 in compensation or suffer the same fate.


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Punishment Complete

Remember the woman who was ordred by a judge to hold up a sign as punishment for driving on the sidewalk to avoid waiting for a school bus to move? Yeah her. Well, she’s done it!



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But I Don’t Want To Be A Gardener

Oh you poor little precious. Kyron Sloan was having a little nap in his 6th grade class when he got sprung, so as punishment he was made to mow the school lawn. Problem? The kid has ADD and Asperger’s  which causes him to sleep. Seems he has been doing a lot of mowing lately. Kyron has been trying to keep himself awake by drinking water and walking around the school but every morning “I get pulled out of my homeroom to go mow the lawn,” His mother has only recently found out her son has become a free gardener for Southeast Portland middle school .

Want sauce with that?

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Honeymoon OVER

Look away men, this is nasty. A Bangladeshi man who kidnapped and married a minor was forced to walk around naked with a brick tied to his penis as punishment while the villagers looked on. Nice fatwa! Evidently the man had taken the 12 year old and forced her into marriage but bless her soul she escaped and dobbed the bastard in.


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Humiliation Is The Best Deterrent

Note to self, never attempt to steal from a Virginia costume store owner’s shop. When Andrew Perry caught the sticky fingered teen, rather than ring cops he handed out his own form of punishment. He made the 18 year old stand outside the store for two days dressed up as the Sesame Street character Bert  (from Bert and Ernie) and hold a sign saying he was  shoplifter.

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A Spine For A Spine

OK, can you feel your legs?

Oh my, remember that old Biblical eye-for-an-eye thingy? Yeah well, it’s alive and kicking in Tabuk. A judge there is considering having a convicted man’s spinal cord severed as punishment for attacking a man and paralyzing him with a meat cleaver . Think I’m kidding. The judge has been doing the hospital ring around to see if a anyone is willing to do it. So far not takers, thanks in part to “ethical grounds”.


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Computer Games Can Be Deadly

You might want to bear this in mind next time you tell your little snowflake to get off the damn computer and get some sun. A 14 year old Russian boy bludgeoned his father to death with a sledgehammer after he removed the keyboard of the boy’s computer as punishment. The little shit had been playing games all week and dad had had enough (hmm, should have hid the sledgehammer while he was at it !). Oh but wait, there’s more. After he finished whacking his father to death, the petrified mom gave the kid back his keyboard…say what? Yes, the little bugger toddled off and continued to play his games for several hours before falling asleep. Hmm, must have been a good game! It was only then that his mom was able to ring family members who in turn rang the police.


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Don’t Fib in Brazil!

Two British law graduates sentenced to 16 months in Brazilian slumsBummer. The two British law graduates, who lied about a being robbed to scam insurance in Brazil, have been given their punishment. Oh dear and they won’t be happy. The judge has ordered Shanti Andrews and Rebecca Turner to work in Rio slums for either 1 hour every day for 16 months or 7 hours a day for 8 months (choose your poison!). No I am serious, 16 months or 8 months, in Rio slums! They will be lucky to get out of this alive! Some of these slums ‘favelas’ are so lawless not even police will dare venture into them!  Ooh and the two 23 year olds won’t be allowed to return to the UK until they have spent at least 8 months doing their community service.  Not surprising they have immediately appealed!

Psst Additional bummer…it is highly likely the two will be barred from entering the legal profession when they return home because of their criminal record.

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