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Marathon Runner 1, Bag Snatcher 0

I just need to catch my breath

I just need to catch my breath

Definition of Unlucky? Being chased by a marathon runner after snatching a purse from an 83 year old woman. What’s the odds? The exhausted thief was forced to throw the contents of the bag into the river after doing a few laps of the city and realizing he was unable to shake off the dude.

Psst Cork, Ireland


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Teething Problems

People, if you are going to steal purses for a living can you please make sure you keep your mouth closed during your crimes. Milton Cesar de Jesus was arrested after he lost his dentures while snatching a purse in Brazil. Unlucky for him a homeless guy spotted the choppers and handed them into police with a pretty good description of de Jesus.


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Honey, Where’s Your Slippers?

OK, here’s the thing purse snatcher. If you want some respect, don’t be leaving your slippers at the scene of the crime. Your friggin slippers for goodness sakes, have some pride man, at least dress before scaring the shit out of poor women. A 19 year old woman told police she was walking down a street in Youngstown when a man pulled up in a car and asked her for directions. After giving him assistance he jumped out of the car and grabbed her purse. But she wasn’t going to give up that easily and held on tight, resulting in both of them falling to the ground. He then grabbed the purse and drove off,  leaving behind a pair of slippers.

Psst Hmm, sure his car didn’t turn back into a pumpkin?

Want sauce with that?


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Mugger Pushes Over 85 Year Old

A scum bag in New York was caught on CCTV cameras attempting to mug an 85 year old woman for her purse then pushing her to the ground. He later came back to help her up, but he is still friggin scum!


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Anything But The Louis Vuitton

Anything but my Vuitton!

Honey, sweetie, darl, it may be a Louis Vuitton bag, but if it means getting dragged behind a car , I think you need to let it go! A Scottish woman was walking down a street in Edinburgh when a group of men in a car called her over. As she got there one of them grabbed her purse and the car sped off. Hmm, it’s a friggin Louis, she wasn’t about to be letting go and held on with grim death as she got dragged behind the car clutching the purse. When the culprit realized she wasn’t going to give it up he let go. Hey, what’s a bit of skin off the knees, a sore arm and a trip to the hospital when it come to protecting your designer accessories.


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Chinese Civilian Justice

What the hell was in her purse? Sheez!

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Careful What You Ask For!

OK,  here’s the thing Dallas lady, don’t be telling no purse snatcher to shoot you if you don’t really mean it. Linda Self (63) had just stepped off a bus in Dallas when some guy tried to grab her purse. In the ensuing struggle the man kept threatening to shoot her if she didn’t let go of the purse. Ms Self, who didn’t believe he had a gun, said ‘Well, shoot me,’ so he did!” Whoops! The mugger fled the scene leaving a slightly wounded woman still clutching her purse.


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One Of Life’s Little Lessons

A word of warning to all dumbassed purse snatchers, don’t mess with Japanese women in lifts! That’s gotta hurt! She’s definitely taken the train molester course.


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Soft Target

Man snatches three year olds purseWhat sort of person would snatch a three year old’s purse? Geez Walter Brown that was pretty mean, pick on someone your own size. Hmm, seems the 23 year old just couldn’t help himself when he saw the little girl swinging her purse down the street as she walked with her aunt. Well,I hope the few dollars was worth it Walter, because “stealing from a little girl” isn’t going to look good on your rap sheet or to fellow prisoners!


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Don’t Mess With a Cross Country Granny!

I don't care, just keep her away from me...

I don't care, just keep her away from me....

Moral of this story is be very careful who you pick on. Three British bag snatching thieves got the, kick ass whoopin of their lives, when they took on 68 year old Janet Lane (no relation to Lois) from Torquay. Seems Mrs Lane was a cross country champion in her day and when blazon youths grabbed her purse she took off right after them. She used her athletic skills and sprinting prowess to eventually catch up with the exhausted, panting and stunned punks at a nearby hotel where she grabbed one by the scruff of his collar.”He was so afraid he dropped my bag but then managed to wriggle free,” the smug granny explained to police. The three thieves are yet to be caught, but police believe they will be too embarrassed to show their faces in the town for awhile.

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