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Honey, Where’s Your Slippers?

OK, here’s the thing purse snatcher. If you want some respect, don’t be leaving your slippers at the scene of the crime. Your friggin slippers for goodness sakes, have some pride man, at least dress before scaring the shit out of poor women. A 19 year old woman told police she was walking down a street in Youngstown when a man pulled up in a car and asked her for directions. After giving him assistance he jumped out of the car and grabbed her purse. But she wasn’t going to give up that easily and held on tight, resulting in both of them falling to the ground. He then grabbed the purse and drove off,  leaving behind a pair of slippers.

Psst Hmm, sure his car didn’t turn back into a pumpkin?

Want sauce with that?


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Oh No You Don’t

Take my friggin purse!

A word of warning to anyone brave enough to steal 73 year old Patricia Robertson’s purse, she friggin bites hard. When a couple grabbed Robertson’s purse at a gas station in Daytona Beach she instinctively  bit down on the man’s hand, drawing blood. As they tried to flee in their truck she hung onto the vehicle. Fortunately a witness rang 911 and then followed the bastards. Despite almost losing her tooth and being a little bit sore, Mrs Robertson is happy to have kicked ass and  got her purse back.


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Careful What You Ask For!

OK,  here’s the thing Dallas lady, don’t be telling no purse snatcher to shoot you if you don’t really mean it. Linda Self (63) had just stepped off a bus in Dallas when some guy tried to grab her purse. In the ensuing struggle the man kept threatening to shoot her if she didn’t let go of the purse. Ms Self, who didn’t believe he had a gun, said ‘Well, shoot me,’ so he did!” Whoops! The mugger fled the scene leaving a slightly wounded woman still clutching her purse.


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