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Snake 1

When a guy went missing while harvesting palm oil in Indonesia the locals became concerned….look away Loons, this might get ugly. It was kinda of justified…. nearby they noticed the outline of rubber boots protruding from the belly of a 7ft python. YES!!!! The snake had evidently snuck up behind the farmer, choked him, then  swallowed him whole.

Don’t believe me? There is a video. View at your own peril.

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Killer Python

snake6Forget dengue fever Bali has a new killer and it comes in the form of a 4.5m killer python. Yes, the reptile has already crushed  the life of out of a security guard at a luxury hotel and is currently on the loose. Feet up people.


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Killer Python

Note to self, never ever sleep in the apartment above a reptile store. Two children are dead after a python escaped from the pet store, punched a hole in a ceiling and dropped down on to the two sleeping kids before proceeding to choke them to death. The brothers aged 5 and 7 were having a sleep over.

Psst Canada

Want sauce with that?


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Gardening Tips

If a cucumber in your garden slithers, don’t pick it up, it is probably a python.


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Snake on a Face

If you have ever thought of getting a python as a pet, take heed. A woman in Wisconsin was at a book club meeting when she decided to take  her friend’s python out of its terrarium for a little play. Next thing she knows Annie the 4ft python has latched itself onto her face . The serpent refused, point blank, to let go of her right cheek until its owner appeared. I’m guessing we all know the moral of this story!!!


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Lions, and Tigers, and Snakes! Oh, my!

Whats for dinner?

Egads, a Kansas cop is one brave friggin dude after he pried a woman from the jaws of a 8ft (2.4m) pet python. Chrystal Wilson had just let her albino snake out of its cage for a feeding when it decided she was good enough to eat and clasped its jaws  on the side of her neck. Terrific! A child in the house quickly rang police and officer Max Bryant came to the rescue. He grabbed the python’s nose and jaw and prised its mouth open before the snake went in for the killing crush . Dude you deserve a medal. Oh wait, you have been nominated for a bravery award. Well done. As for Ms Wilson, she has been fined for harboring the animal. Might want to sleep with one eye open!!!!


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Snake Used in Drug Den

You talking to me?

You know what I hate? A big friggin nasty assed albino python curled up on 200 grams of pure cocaine. I really friggin hate that. The python, who was found snoozing on a heat mat in a Rome drug den , had been used to intimidate addicts . The poor bugger had been kept hungry so he’d be more aggressive. After the reptile was coaxed into  a cage (thanks to a chicken) police found a nice stash of cocaine under his mat. Last place you’d look!


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