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Frivolous Lawsuiters Take Heed

judge 2Take note frivolous lawsuiters, if you try suing the Dominican Republic because it rained on your vacation you might get called a “quarrelsome litigant” by a Quebec judge. The label means the guy, who has filed 70 small claims against people , companies and a country, can no longer file a lawsuit unless he gets court approval.


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Seal of Disapproval

Seal burgerOh for the love of all things great and small, a restaurant in Quebec is receiving death threats after they began serving seal meat burgers. Whats more they named it the Phoque Bardot burger the ultimate FU …. phoque (French for seal) and Bardot after the anti seal hunting activist and actress Brigitte Bardot. Phew, lucky it wasn’t a “club” sandwich….did I say that out loud? Anywho, social media sites are going berserko.


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Heil Dumbass

OK,OK, I know it maybe tempting but doing a Nazi salute in front of Germany’s parliament will get you an arresting even if you are a friggin tourist! A 30 year old Canadian from Quebec was caught doing the Hitler salute , which is basically an illegal act in Germany, while having his picture taken outside the Budenstag. Police were not amused and promptly arrested him.


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Booby Trap Fail

OMG, when you booby trap your own home it’s wise to remember.  Jos Potvin (75) died after he forgot he had rigged a rifle to a string that ran across the floor of his bedroom. Quebec police believe he triggered the trap when he got up to make himself a meal. The poor man had been terrified of being burgled and rigged up the trap to blow the shit out of would-be thieves.


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It Makes No Cents

OK, I better scrub this off my “to do” list. A man in Quebec, who was so pissed at the spiraling friggin property tax in Canada, decided to cart over 200,000 pennies to City Hall to pay his bill. Of course the bastards refused to take them! Normand Czepial hauled a children’s pool full of coins into the main foyer but was told that under the Currency Act law they only had to accept 25 pennies.Unfrigginlucky.

Psst He’s look a right fool dragging it back out!


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