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Selfie Gets Photobombed By the Queen

Nosey Queen Elizabeth inadvertently photobombed two Aussie hockey players during the Commonwealth Games in Scotland.



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Fergie’s Back

Princess Beatrice to marryThe Queen, god bless her, has finally forgiven Fergie. Yes, I know, crazeee. Anywho, it seems Princess Beatrice has a ring on it and unless the Royal family wants uber awkwardness at the next Royal wedding they have to make nice with the mother of the bride. So to cut a long story short, the toe sucking outcast has been invited to join the main peeps at Balmoral (the main building) instead of staying alone in a cottage on the estate. Sheez, how thick her hide to even show up at Balmoral year after year only to be ushered to a hut while the Royals make merry in the main pad. Here’s to some very awkward silences.  Oooh and I can’t wait to see what Fergie and her offspring wear to the wedding.


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Hurry Up The Queen Is Going On Hols

Queen impatient about arrival of royal babyIf by some remote chance any loons are waiting , waiting, waiting, for the arrival of Prince Willy and Kate’s sprog you aren’t the only one. Evidently the Queen is getting a tad narky about it’s no show as she’s off on holidays next week and doesn’t want to be dilly dallying around Kensington if she can help it.


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For Trivial Pursuit Purposes

Oh, if you were wondering who played the Queen’s stunt double during the helicopter scene at the London Olympics, it was a stuntman called Gary.


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The Queen’s Used Undies Sell at Auction

Someone has forked out $18,000 to purchase a pair of Queen Elizabeth’s used knickers, which were left on a private plane during a trip to Chile in 1968. The used under garment  had been in the possession of the late “Baron” Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi  prior to the eBay auction.

Psst I want to know why the Queen  left dirty undies on a plane!


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Flight of the Century


In the red corner we have boxing legend Mike Tyson and in the blue corner we have Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth , in what surely will be dubbed the mismatch fight of the century. Hold your horses people, this isn’t a boxing match, it’s a pigeon race. The two have entered the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race in South Africa where 3,479 pigeons are vying for the chance to be crowned best friggin homing pigeon of the year. The first bird to make it from Hopetown to Sun City (342miles) wins. The Queen has entered just one pigeon, Royal Desire, as the other five were picked off by bigger birds and eaten during training sessions. Tyson on the other hand has several birds entered. No one dares eat his!

Psst Surely Lizzie could have popped down to Trafalgar Square and caught herself a few more?


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Body Found On Queen’s Estate

Human remains have been found on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate. Don’t worry, a royal head count has determined Fergie is still alive.

Want sauce with that?


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The Queen

Hey loons, guess who got to meet the Queen? OK, she wouldn’t friggin look at me so I had to regurgitate on her hat, but I did see her. Yep, I was one of the friggin 100,000 herded into Perth for her grand finale. Oh and what fond memories we shall have, for it was right here in Perth “State of Excitement” she made the historic decision to throw out that silly little sexist 300 year old rule about the heir to the British throne always going to a Royal son. Now it’s any first born, boy or girl. Sheez, that was worth the $37 million it cost to host her and the CHOGM crowd.

Why won't you look over here????

A little while later as her motorcade whizzed off to the airport I got another fantastic photo …


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Princesses Lose Their Protection

Can anyone spare a cucumber sandwich?

Blahaahah a couple of bad fashion choices and BAM look what happens! Poor princesses Eugenie and Beatrice are about to have a massive culture shock, bye-bye around the clock security, hello real world. Yep, granny is stripping them of their £500k a year , full time, 24hr protection bodyguards due to cut costs and the fact no one friggin cares about them. Oh you poor friggin  fashion senseless loves!  Seems the Queen is fed up supporting her two laszy assed granddaughters and has no intention of letting them sponge off the Royal purse any more. Damn you, homely, cut-costing, trolley pushing, commoner Kate!  Oh and if you thought that was bad the Queen has made it very clear she wants the two girls to find their own jobs after uni rather than become sponging working members of the Royal Family. Sheez, better get your heads in those books girls rather than being photographed falling out of expensive London nightclubs in the wee small hours, Granny is on the warpath!

Psst Fergie must be pissed!


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Get A Whiff Of This!

Anyone hoping to buying the Queen’s USED undies prior to Prince Will’s wedding will be sorely disappointed. The auction house who are selling the bloomers have decided to hold off the sale until after the royal wedding. Hmm, they say “Out of respect and courtesy for a person of such dignity and rank”. Yep, because selling someone’s used knickers is so respectful. The unmentionables were accidentally left on a plane during Queen Elizabeth’s trip to Chile in 1968 where they were quickly scooped up and handed to Miami playboy named Baron Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi.


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