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New Respect For Anna Bligh

Disasters can make or break a politician. Remember when besieged  New York mayor Giuliani mesmerized the world during  September 11th and became everyone’s hero. Hmm, oh then there was George W’s  dismal failings during Hurricane Katrina. Well anywho, Anna Bligh, no matter what anyone may have thought of her in the past,  has become a true Aussie hero and worthy leader. Not only did she grab  the Queensland disaster with both hands and lead her State through the most trying of times, she dropped the usual political rhetoric and baffling bullshit to address the people of Queensland  like a real human being. Wouldn’t it be great if  all politicians could lead like this in the worst AND BEST of times. No hidden agendas, no points scoring, just good old fashion honesty and sincerity.

Psst Hmm, oh and by the way, regardless, I still hate politicians.Oh and where the hell has Tony Abbott been?

Here’s a clip which highlights the blaring contrast between being human and being a friggin politician …


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This Is Why Australia Is The Lucky Country

As I have sat glued to the TV watching the devastating Queensland floods one thing kept playing in my head, “we sure are a lucky country”. OK, people may have lost their lives, houses and livelihood but the mateship displayed during these  people’s hour of need is nothing short of remarkable. Randoms, rescue workers, politicians and police all working in unison with just one goal in mind, save lives. No anger, just resilience and a decent dose of humor. Bravo Aussies, bravo.  I had to smile when one drenched woman said it wasn’t the rapidly rising water that scared her,  but when she opened the door and was confronted with friggin snakes! I hope people from overseas who want to live here take note of this. This is the very reason why we are proud of our culture and way of life and it should be protected, not dismantled. This is Australia at it’s very best, the lucky country.

Psst As I am a proud supporter of the RSPCA I urge people to donate whatever they can to the  Queensland Flood Appeal.


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It’s Kevin Rudd’s Fault?

Oh yes, Australia has it’s very own Fred Phelps. Remember Daniel Nalliah from the Catch the Fire Ministries? He’s the one that claimed the 2008 Victorian bushfires were a result of  the State’s abortion laws. Hmm, well, he’s back. Now Mr Nalliah’s focus is on the devastating Queensland floods. He believes it’s ex Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s fault. Reason? Wait for it… Rudd “spoke against Israel” in December 2010 and God is angry. Yep.


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