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Putin or Quit

Liz Wahl you too can take a bow. The Russia Today’s  American  news anchor interupted her  live broadcast to tell the network they could stick it. Wahl was so pissed at how the station (Russian funded) continued to water down Putin’s actions in the Ukraine, she made a little speech and then quit.


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What Are The Murdochs Up To?

Call me cynical but something is a brewing in the Murdoch camp. James Murdoch has just quit as director of The Sun and The Times, which means no Murdochs are on the board of News International’s parent companies. Hmm????

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It’s a Royal Knockout

Poor old Prince Andrew has had to quit his role as UK Special Representative for International Trade and Investment (a title he gave himself) due to his inability to hang with the right crowd. The cushy job, which saw him spend millions of taxpayers’ money to fly around the world on private jets, has ceased to be. Hmm probably due in part to his connections with a Libyan gun smuggler , a pedophile and Colonel Gaddafi’s son Saif (who allegedly discussed the release of the Lockerbie bomber). Plus I’m guessing his daughter’s hideous hat at the Royal wedding didn’t help matters. Anywho don’t despair, Prince Andrew is currently making up a new title for himself so he can continue his good work. Hmm, how’s about UK Special Representative for Useless Member of the Royal Family?

Psst Word out on the street is there could be a tell all book coming out soon .

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I Quit

Lordie, lordie, lordie, you know it’s time to get out of town when the entire police force quit after being attacked by friggin drug cartel gunmen. Yes sirree, all 14 police officers from the town of Los Ramones in Mexico handed in their badges after a drug gang  opened fire on their headquarters. Sheez, $322 a month ain’t worth dying for. During the attack over 1,000 bullets were fired and 6 grenades were flung at the building. Despite no injures, 6 police vehicles were destroyed. So how does a town without police work? Sheez, it’s enough to make you go on drugs!



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I Had A Dream

OK, here’s the thing prominent Filipino businessman,  plagiarizing  speeches from well known people is going to get you in trouble. Manuel Pangilian  quit his academic post after giving a graduation speech to students using quotes from President Obama, Oprah and even JK Rowling “I have been told last night that portions of my graduation remarks – in particular my address to the Schools of Humanities and Social Sciences – had been borrowed from certain other graduation speeches. Awkward!


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What If ABBA Were Quitters?

Oh for goodness sakes Czech Republic, you can’t go and quit the Eurovision Song Contest. No one does that! OK, sure, when you debuted in 2007 you came last but you can’t give up now. Oh alright, so this year’s contestants were a bit of a bummer too and failed to score even one point, but guys!!!. A spokesman for Czech TV blames poor viewing figures for the decision and denies the contestants are crap. Geez, you can’t let Slovakia have one up on you.

OK Loons, here’s what gets you zero points in Eurovision….presenting Aven Romale…


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