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Government Wants To Pull A Bunny Out Of Mandela’s Ear

Copyright AP

Copyright AP

The two white Afrikaner sculptors who created a 9m bronze statue of Nelson Mandela are in big doodah after it was discovered they had carved a little rabbit inside Mandela’s ear.The weenie bunny is depicted sitting on it’s haunches with one floppy ear.Seems the South African government who had no idea what the sculptor’s had done,  think a rabbit in Mandela’s ear is disrespectful and belittling. One official said it was like  “depicting U.S. President Barack Obama with a mouse in his nose.”

Want sauce with that?


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Day Care Bunny Found

Dude, stealing a rabbit called Twinkle from a church day care center is no way to go through life. Theodore Benner, a 20 year old uni student, was charged with burglary  after police were called to Benner’s dorm room following a medical call and a seriously observant officer noticed a rabbit fitting Twinkle’s description. During the search the cops also found Benner’s stash of marijuana.

Want sauce with that?


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Radioactive Rodent Alert

OK, no need to panic people but remember the radioactive rabbit caught at Hanford’s nuclear reservation? No? Come on it was virtually glowing in the dark with radioactive cesium (well it could have been).  Well anywho, guess what? They’ve now found radioactive mouse droppings. But don’t you worry none, the Washington State Department of Health says they are on to it and the public need not fear. Hello, the radioactive droppings have only been found around 327 Building where plutonium was once produced. The theory is the rabbit and the mouse could have sipped water from the building’s basement and viola, radioactive rodents. As a precaution they have now erected a chain-link fence around 327 building and sprayed the perimeter with fox urine to keep the animals out. That should do it!


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