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Bad Mannered Raccoon

I swear the cat was behind this …

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Farmer 0, Raccoon 1

My job here is done!

Oh dear, Larry Godwin from Iowa didn’t just get shot once trying to shoot a raccoon in a live trap, he got leaded twice. The 68 year old was hit in the lower abdomen by a ricocheting bullet after he attempted to shoot the caged animal , then as luck would have it, as he dropped the 22 – caliber gun it fired again and hit him in the same friggin spot.

Want sauce with that?


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Bad Sport

Attention female golfers in Florida, watch out for a purse stealing raccoon. Two women from two different golf clubs have had their purses stolen by the thieving varmint. He sneaks up to the golf carts when they are taking a shot and snatches them.  Hmm, he’s probably feeding his smoking habit!

Psst I bet he would steal the golf cart if his legs were a little longer!


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Don’t Mess With the Raccoons

Rac in the hood

Gangsta raccoons are terrorizing commuters at the Fort Totten station in DC. Hmm, seems the thug family of raccoons get a kick out of chasing passengers near the entry and exit. Definitely a turf war. Thank god they don’t know how to point a gun!


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