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What Do I Have To Do?

Woman arrested for spitting, death threats and verbal abiseIt is alleged when Julie Hubbard was stopped for a minor traffic infringement in DeLand, Florida she kind of lost it. Not only did she spit on the leg and stomach of one of the officers, she began abusing him with racial slurs (has Harry Connick been notified?). When that didn’t seem to work she pulled out the old “my father is a member of the KKK and he is gonna kill ya” card. Still no joy, so she pissed in the back of the police car.  Hmm, that little episode will get you, a corruption of a public servant by threat, battery on a law enforcement officer and obstructing an officer without violence, charge.


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Reasons For Never Dating A Pilot

A woman is wishing she never met a 51 year old licensed pilot from California after his creative attempt at blacken her name. When their relationship came to a sudden and ugly end, it is alleged he used his plane to buzz her house and then drop leaflets on the neighborhood.  Hmm, and just to add insult to injury the leaflets evidently contained  nasty defamatory language and racial slurs. He must have been really pissed! Anywho police have arrested him after he landed.


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