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Hobbits Are Light Skinned

Hobbits eh bro?

Holy Hobbit racism row Batman. Attention little people auditioning for The Hobbit in New Zealand, no dark skinned women need apply! Hobbits are friggin light skinned OK!!!! Seems the casting agent for the Peter Jackson film has got his ass asked well and truly kicked for placing an ad in a newspaper which requested extras with “light skin tones”. Oh boy, seems a British Pakistani women, who was told she wasn’t white enough, is now friggin pissed and screaming racism. Hmm, way to get yourself a part in the movie!

Psst WTF is a hobbit?


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Oh dear, a Georgia high school teacher is on leave after four of her students dressed in mock Ku Klux Klan outfits to film a school project. Evidently a few black students got quite upset and complained, which resulted in the teacher being suspended . Catherine Ariemma who was teaching US history/film education, allowed her student to dress in the white robes and pointed head gear to make a film about the history of racism in America. The only problem was, she let them walk around the school in the offensive outfits.

Psst Lucky it wasn’t a pink Hitler!


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Racist Maths Work Sheet

You are the only black kid in the eigth grade pre-algebra class at  Lenape Middle school and your teacher hands out a work sheet featuring this….

Racists? Well the mom of the black student thinks so and she has pulled him out of classes until further notice.  I guess it didn’t help that one of the kids in the class asked him “Is this your father?”.


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Not Everyone Loves Sundra

Holy “mazel tov” Batman. I am guessing the next family get together is going to be awkward. Sundra Croonquist an American comedienne is being sued by her mother-in-law, Ruth Zafrin.Ruth ain’t too pleased about being the butt of daughter-in-laws jokes.What’s more she is demanding damages. Ms Croonquist often uses the mother-in-law to highlight the difference between her black culture and mom’s Jewish one. Hmm…not anymore!


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