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Bigger Than Chernobyl

OK, no one panic, but you know things are bad when Japan orders the world’s largest pump to spray concrete on Fukushima ‘s out of control radioactive rods. To make matters worse nuclear experts are claiming the Fumushima nuclear reactor disaster leaves the Chernobyl one for dead (pardon the pun) and may result in a rewrite of the international scale used to measure the severity of atomic accidents. Dr John Price thinks it could take a hundred friggin years to cool the nuclear rods before they can be removed. Worse still are the rumors the Samurai 50 will all die from radiation sickness within weeks.


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Nuclear Meltdown Imminent

Don't panic, its just health and safety regulations

OMG, nuclear experts are fearing the worst after Japan announced they were pouring seawater on the nuclear reactor to try and avoid a Chernobyl. One expert described their attempts as a ‘Hail Mary’ and was more an act of desperation than of a serious attempt at stopping what is already feared …MELTDOWN!!!! Oh shit get the sand and concrete ready people!!! Hmm, I’m off to eBay to find me a radiation proof snuggie!!!

UPDATE : It is now being reported up to 120 people may have been contaminated and suffering radiation poisoning. Many were patients from a nearby hospital who were forced to wait outside for evacuation.


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