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Jury Duty Fail

Here’s the thing lady from Denver, if you act mentally unstable to avoid jury duty don’t then be going on a popular radio talk back show and gloat about it because an investigator with the DA’s Office might be listening! Hmm, that’s a first degree perjury charge right there!  Susan Cole bragged to the Dave Logan Show how she wore mismatched shoes with reindeer socks, had her hair in curlers, wore heavy make up and told the judge she had post-traumatic stress disorder from serving in the military , was a victim of domestic violence, and had been homeless to avoid being picked. Oh come on loons, who wouldn’t want to brag about that!!!


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Airwaves Banned To Witch Doctors

Uganda bans witch doctor ads on radio

You'll regret it!!

Message to all witch-doctors promoting their healing powers over the radio, stop it, you are breaching the 1957 Witchcraft Act and “…are promoting witchcraft-related activities to the detriment of Uganda’s integrity”. Hmm, so says the Ugandan government’s ethics minister James Buturo. They are hoping to stamp out the dangerous art of witchcraft by stopping the airwaves broadcasting witch-doctor ads. Geez, wouldn’t have happened in Idi’s days!


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