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Shopping Cart Rage

Woman arrested for shopping cart rageA woman in Germany maybe charged with premeditated assault after she rammed her shopping trolley into the heels of another shopper during a fit of shopping cart rage. The incident happened when the woman got pissed at another shopper for not letting her pass in line. So enraged she left the line and attempted to pay for her purchase at the info desk. After being told no, she stormed out of the store. As luck would have it as she was leaving she spied the other woman so she grabbed her cart and rammed it into her heels. Unfortunately for her, witnesses grabbed her number plate as she fled the scene. When police arrived at her home a short time later she told them “I lost control of my shopping cart, it’s not like they have anti-lock brakes,” Meanwhile, the victim was carted away in an ambulance.


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Mascot Rage

Despite just winning the 3000m steeplechase French athlete Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad unleashed his temper on a 14 year old girl in a mascot suit.

Psst It isn’t the first time he has abused a mascot. Evidently in 2010 he pushed a mascot to the ground .


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Monopoly Rage Can Be Deadly

Go directly to jail

The one board game I really, really, really hate is Monopoly, so when I heard that a woman had allegedly stabbed her boyfriend because she caught him cheating I had a little empathy for her. OK, not because she went friggin all stabby but because I understand the rage that comes with landing on friggin Mayfair (or in the American version, Boardwalk) and discovering it has 2 friggin hotels on it that aren’t yours. Anywho, I digress, Laura Chavez was arrested for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.


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Take That Mistress!!!

Where is she???

OK, here’s the thing angry, pissed off wife, when you decide to go all al Qaeda on the woman you suspect your hubby is having an afffair with, you might want to make sure you have her exact address before you unleash your fury on her apartment …with your car. Seems in her blind rage the New Zealand woman drove her car through the closed gates of the complex and into an apartment’s garage causing around $35,000. That was all good and dandy except for the fact it wasn’t the alleged mistresses home. Awkward.

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Touchy Subject

Tsk, tsk, tsk, sometimes it is better to let sleeping dogs lie. Chris Brown had a mini rampage at the studios of Good Morning America after he was quizzed about his assault on his ex girlfriend Rihanna during an interview. Seems a dressing room window got the brunt of his rage after he threw a chair at it. He also ripped off his shirt before letting rip at a producer. The hissy fit was  the end result of a persistent Robin Roberts continually referring back to the Rihanna incident during the interview, despite him looking decidedly uncomfortable. Bad form all around.

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Taco Bell Rage

Inflation's a bitch!

When Taco Bell raises the price of their burritos by 50 cents that’s a friggin shooting people! A San Antonio man was so appalled by the price hike from 99cents to a $1.49 he got out his air gun and shot at the restaurant manager (who managed to side step it). Phew, luckily the customer wasn’t totally peeved or he may have been forced to use the semiautomatic assault rifle and pistol he was also brandishing. Later the unidentified burrito lover had a three hour standoff with police at a nearby hotel. I bet he was starving by then!


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Burka Rage

Sheez, lucky I wasn't wearing my vest!!!

A retired teacher Jeanne Ruby (63) went a little troppo when she spied a woman wearing a niqab in a home furnishing shop in Paris. She ran up to the unsuspecting woman and asked her to remove the veil because it was offensive. She was pretty much ignored by Shaika Al-Suwaidi who was shopping with a friend and two snowflakes. When Mrs Ruby spotted a still veiled Al-Suwaidi a few minutes later, she flew across the store and ripped the niqab off her head before scratching and slapping the stunned woman. In an interview following the incident an unrepentent Mrs Ruby said “For me, wearing the veil is an act of aggression; I felt attacked as a woman,” and “It’s no more than a muzzle and all that’s missing is the reins. It’s the negation of womanhood.”


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