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Raining Sharks in California

You know what I hate? When you are about to tee off and a 2ft friggin shark (No, not Greg Norman silly) comes sailing through the air and makes you shank your shot. I really friggin hate that. A leopard shark was found thrashing around on the 12th tee of a golf course in Southern California after having apparently been plucked from the ocean and dropped on the tee by some dumbass seabird. A quick thinking golf marshall grabbed the shark, threw it in his golf buggy and took it back to the clubhouse where it was thrown into a bucket of water until someone realised it was a salt water creature. Quick, pass us the table salt.

A golfer then volunteered to drive the shark (in the bucket) back to the ocean where it played dead for awhile before swimming off into the wide blue yonder. Sheez, a chicken soup for the soul moment.

Psst Oh for crying out loud, in Australia it would have been a friggin great white!!!!

Thanks to Craig Berry for this shark tale.


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