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The Dangers of Being A News Reporter

And take 2. Randoms … don’t you love them. 


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Random Steals India’s Spotlight

I noticed the random walking proudly next to the befuddled Indian athletes  as they entered the stadium  and thought “Wow, their women’s uniforms are crap.” Hmm, seems the gatecrasher was suppose to be a dancer in the earlier part of the opening but thought she ‘d have better luck being noticed by security breaching. Hmm, nice to know the British security is on the ball.


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Dart Fiend On The Loose In Brooklyn


Egads, if you happen to feel a sharp pain in your leg as you’re wandering along the streets of Brooklyn no probs,  you’ve just become the latest  victim of the dartman. Seems some dude is randomly targeting people with a dart gun and doing quite nicely. So far three people have been hospitalized. What a prick!

Psst Suppose they should be grateful he hasn’t got his hands on a crossbow!



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Random Gets An Invite

Swedish officials were left red faced when they accidentally invited a random  to a formal government dinner. Margareta Winberg (67), who shares the same name with a former government minister, received the invite in the mail and rocked up on the night. The poor retired occupational therapy assistant got some very blank stares when she rolled up at the door of Sweden’s official government office. But never mind, when the penny dropped they decided to let her stay so she spent the night awkwardly mingling with Swedish ministers.


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