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911 Is Not A Santa Hotline

Hello, Santa please.

Hmm, I know two little snowflakes who might not get a visit from Santa this year. The two tikes, 4 and 6 rang 911 and asked to speak to either the police chief or Santa Claus.  Sadly, they didn’t get their wish but instead they got a nice little visit from a New York policeman, followed by a nice long lecture.


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Hello 911?

OK, one more time people, you don’t ring 911 because a pair of strippers failed to show up at your motel room. Evidently the Illinois man, who had  forked out $1000 on lap dances, was offered an “on the house” private lap dance by two wenches exotic dancers. However by 1.26  when he realized they were going to be a no-show he  called 911 because he felt cheated.

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I’m Gonna Be Late For Work!

Honey, sweetie, darl, when you decide to hop a freight train to catch a ride to work, don’t be ringing 911 when the friggin train fails to stop at your destination. The dude rang from atop the train and also bitched about being cold. That’s a misdemeanor trespassing charge right there.

Want sauce with that?


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At Least You Were Clean!

OK, here’s the thing Timothy Chapek, when breaking into a house don’t be taking no shower because the owner and his two German Shepherds may return home during the middle of it, forcing you to ring 911 because you’re scared he has a gun. Chapek had broken into the Portland home and was taking a shower (as you do) when the owner returned and confronted him. Quick thinking Chapek locked himself in the bathroom and rang 911 fearing the owner may a) set the dogs onto him or b) shoot him. Either way it was a lose/lose so he rang the cops for the trifecta!


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