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Unattractive Prostitute

Man rings 999 complaining his prostitute is uglyA man in Britain rang 999 emergency number to complain that the prostitute he was with was ugly. He claimed she breached the “Sale of Goods Act” because she wasn’t as attractive as she had advertised when he met her in a hotel parking lot. Hmm, five beers will fix that.


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Who’s A Little Princess Then?

Oh dear, is this what we should expect from X-gens? A 7 year old boy in Sweden rang 112, the emergency equivalent to 911, because another kid whacked him while he was playing in  a sandbox. The police dispatcher told him to go tell his parents. Sheez, what happened to a good old tasering and arrest for being a nuisance? Soft in Sweden!


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Hello 911?

OK, one more time people, you don’t ring 911 because a pair of strippers failed to show up at your motel room. Evidently the Illinois man, who had  forked out $1000 on lap dances, was offered an “on the house” private lap dance by two wenches exotic dancers. However by 1.26  when he realized they were going to be a no-show he  called 911 because he felt cheated.

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How Frustrating!

Alison Louise Vince has pleaded guilty to making a false report. Whoopsie. Seems during a drunken fight  she rang Hobart police and told them  her partner was refusing to have sex with her. Her excuse … “I was off my face at the time. It started over an argument with my old man. I can’t remember a thing from that night”. Sheez, come on, give her a break. If anything, hubby should feel guilty!


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Melting Moment

A woman in Chatham rang 999 (911 equivalent) after she discovered her snowman was missing from her front yard. No loons, not an ornament, a snowman made from friggin snow.  She told police  “I thought that with it being icy and there not being anyone about he’d be safe”. Hmm, obviously not, the sun can be a bitch!



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