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Customer Service Nightmare Meltdown

I usually don’t like posting long Youtube clips but this is so friggin hilarious I just simply had to. We begin this rant after 3 and a half hours of some poor customer being given the “please hold” ….”I will just transfer you through to someone who can help” ….. and the “Michelle” runaround.  WARNING Language gets progressively worse as runaround continues…..


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Daddy Dearest

A girl was so peeved with her dad she posted a long rant on Facebook. He in turn discovers the diss and responds by doing  an 8 minute video on Youtube bitching about her . The finale ends with him shooting her laptop 7 times.

This is the edited version as I could stand listening to the attention whore no more.


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Second Racist Rant

From the same people who bought you the “racist rant on a tram” comes the second installment. Yes indeedy, another woman has also been filmed hurling abuse at passengers, this time on a train in England.

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Racist Rant By British Woman On Tram Leads To Arrest

Sheez, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. A British woman sitting on a South London tram , bouncing a young child on her lap, goes all racist at the passengers and begins a rant that would make the KKK blush.

Psst She was later arrested.

WARNING : This clip is highly offensive, proceed with caution.


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South African Radio Presenter Loses It On Air

Hardly anyone would have heard of  the South African radio presenter, Mark Esterhuysen, last week but this week, well!!! The newsreader lost the plot in an on-air rant that included 13 “fucks” 1 “fucking wage slavery” and 1 “graveyard shit”  all in 40 seconds. He later stormed out.

Psst Oh and just in case you were wondering, Talk Radio 702 sacked his sorry ass!


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Hitler Rants About Osama’s Demise

Pot calling the kettle …..

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Biting The Hand That Feeds You

Oi, oi, oi, if you want to make it in the cut throat world of fashion its best you don’t be sprouting anti-Semitic tirades and declaring your love of “Hitler”, it’s career suicide John Galliano I say, career suicide. The British fashion designer has found himself landing on his petite little ass after a video surfaced of him insulting French cafe patrons and declaring “I love Hitler”. Christian Dior have announced they are sacking the 50 year old. Oh boy. It doesn’t help that the face of Dior perfume is Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman, who is Jewish and now “deeply shocked and disgusted” by Galliano’s behavior. Hmm, hey Galliano, there is a spare seat over there, near Mel.


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Teddy’s High School Rant

OMG, Teddy’s back!!! Fool’s ranting about school now …. How friggin old is he? Or more to the point, how long has been repeating?


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Bishop Gets Defriended

It's not like they got a good track record!

Sheez, you give a prominent Church of England bishop a Facebook account and what does he do? Friggin sledges Willie and Kates marriage, that’s what. Reverend Pete Broadbent (58), an avid Facebook user, has raised a few royal eyebrows with his recent posts. In one rant he gives the marriage of the “shallow celebrities” (that will be Willie and Kate) 7 years tops, believing the “gutter press” will set it up to fail. He also has a bitch about Charles and Diana’s doomed nuptials and the British royalty in general “Talent isn’t passed on through people’s bloodstock. The hereditary principle is corrupt and sexist.” Hmm, I might have to poke the old sod.


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Starbucks Meltdown

I don’t know loons, me thinks this dude should step away from the coffee, he’s got all the adrenalin rush he needs…


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