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Prison Psychologist Should Have Talked About It!!

OK, here’s the thing prison psychologist, faking being raped to convince your hubby to move to a safer neighborhood is a bit excessive, don’t ya think? Laurie Ann Martinez split her lip, wet her pants, ripped her blouse and scraped her knuckles with sandpaper  to give the impression of being mugged and raped in her Sacramento  home. Martinez and her friends eventually admitted to police the whole thing was a hoax to convince her hubby to move. Hmm, guess what? Hubby packed his bags and left 6 weeks after the incident and filed for divorce. Where does one start with the moral of this story?

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Actor Turned Rapist Now Suspected Murderer

Remember Dr Evil’s henchman Random Task in Austin Powers? No? Well the Asian actor who played him was sentenced to life in prison in 2011 for the 1990 gang rape of a woman after he was linked via DNA. Anywho, seems Joe Son is now suspected of murdering his “sex offender” cellmate . Hmm, should have stuck with acting!

Psst During the rape trial the prosecutor told the court Son was sadist who took pleasure in terrifying his victim.

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La Screwed

Oh boy, IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s world just got a whole lot messier with reports his DNA has been found on the clothes of the chambermaid he’s been accused of attempting to rape. Oh and by DNA I’m talking sperm! Bummer.


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Primal Instinct

OMG, a top South African rugby player has been arrested for allegedly hacking to death three men who he believed gang raped his daughter, giving her HIV. The man, who has not been named, played for one of the leading teams in Durban. The three men were butchered with an axe, with one being decapitated and his head thrown in a dustbin. When police raided the player’s house they found an axe and bloodied clothing of one of the victims. Sadly the crime rate in South Africa, especially sexual assaults against women, has spiraled out of control forcing many to take action into their own hands. Another tragic tale that will have no winners.

Psst The rugby player is black so police have ruled out a racial motivation for the killings.

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Friggin Evil Clown

Look away loons, it’s another scary clown story. Yep, Jose Guadalupe Jimenez has just reconfirmed everything I suspected about these terrifying creatures. The professional clown (aka”El Tin Larin”) has  been accused of kidnapping and raping a 12 year old girl while still in his full friggin stage make-up and mask in 2002. It evidently took DNA for the police to make the arrest as the only description the girl could give at the time was he “was a clown”.

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Might Have Given Some Thought To Genetics Lady!

I'd be a fabulous granny

OK, here’s the thing woman who wants to be a granny, hiring a man to rape your daughter so your dream can come true is kinda harsh! The 51 year old South African woman organized a local man to rape her 24 year old daughter (without a condom) in the hope that she would become pregnant because she so desperately wanted to become a grandmother. After the attack and rape the daughter rang police telling them of the plot. No word on whether her wish has come true.

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Twisted Tweet!

OK, here’s the thing preschool teacher, do not, and I repeat DO NOT, tweet you want to rape little girls on your first day at work. The substitute teacher from Gothenburg in Sweden tweeted ” …preschool Start 9.30am. Think I will rape 6-7 young girls,” Oh boy, awkward.The principal of the school, who was notified about the disturbing tweets, suspected a certain male teacher and contacted police. So much for his career!


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