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On A Serious Note

Yellow-RibbonWhen 275 women and children were rescued from a Boko Haram camp on the weekend, the true horror of their kidnappings were realised. Over 200 of the women were visibly pregnant…raped and abused by the Nigerian terrorist group. Now, they not only have to deal with the trauma of carrying a child by their tormentors  but the fear of being outcasts in society.


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You Have To Be Kidding

goat 4A man in Kenya who was in court to face rape charges has had the additional humilition of having to face his nanny in court. And by nanny I mean a goat. Yep, seems the guy was caught in a field having his way with the poor creature. That’s 10 years right there.

Psst Thanks to Susi Spice for this little gem.


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Daddy Dearest

Severina Maria da Silva,  a Brazilian  mother of 12 who had been sent to jail for hiring hitmen to kill her hubby, has been released. Why? Hmm, seems her husband was actually her father who’d been raping her for 28 years. Evidently the abuse started when she was only 9 and what was even worse,  her mother was in on it! During that time she had 12 of her father’s children however, sadly, only 5 children survived, including two with severe disabilities. When Ms Silva realized her hubby/father was about to start raping their daughter/granddaughter she hired two men to bump him off. When the judge heard the whole tragic story he cleared her of murder. In a strange little twist Ms Silva says she wants to reconcile with her mother!

Psst Oh and if you were  Wondering about the two killers? Hmm, they didn’t get off so lightly, they won’t be out for another 17-18 years.

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60 Minutes Reporter Raped

Being a war correspondent is fraught with danger as sadly 60 minutes reporter Lara Logan found out during the Egyptian celebrations in Tahrir Square last week. It is reported that at some stage the reporter and her team were surrounded by a frenzied mob of about 200 Egyptians. In the ensuing crush she was separated from her crew then assaulted  before  suffering a “brutal and sustained sexual assault” (in other words, gang raped). She was eventually rescued by a group of women and 20 Egyptian soldiers.Logan flew back to US the following day  where she is still currently recovering in hospital.


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Boy Gang Raped By Pack Of Women

Here’s something you don’t read about everyday, a Papua New Guinea teen (17) was allegedly gang raped by 10 knife wielding women. Yes loons, desperate women. The schoolboy was minding his own beeswax when they ambushed him. It is believed four of them had sex with him . Hmm, how does that work? Anywho, the poor kid is now in hospital sweating over the AID’s test.


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Equal Opportunity Gang

Oh my, seems Zimbabwe has a gang of women rapists terrorizing men. I know, it doesn’t seem right! But anywho it’s true, a gang of three women have been kidnapping, drugging and then raping men over the past year. The latest victim said he was offered a lift by these women and subsequently drugged. When he awoke, there he was stark naked with the women taking it in turns to rape him. He told police he passed out after the assault and was then dumped.Police haven’t a clue what the motive is behind the sex attacks but suspect it maybe for ritual purposes.

Psst Hmm, a loophole in Zimbabwean law means if the women are caught they won’t be charged with rape as it only applies to women victims.


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Nobody Is Going To Believe Me!

OMG, an 18 year old South African man has been kidnapped by three sex starved women in Chitungwiza and raped in a cathedral. The lucky unlucky man was on an errand to a shopping centre when he was bundled into a car and taken to Harare’s  Roman Catholic Cathedral. It was there he was locked into a room and one of the woman  forced him to have sex with her. It wasn’t until the following morning that the women bundled him back into their car and dumped him at another shopping centre. Teenager 1, cougars 1.


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And The Moral Of The Story?

Russian robber is sexually assaulted by hairdresserWTF, the (not so) latest news story out of Russian is about an armed robber who decided to hold up a hair dressing salon in Meshchovsk. Hmm, lets just say he left with more than a blow wave. The poor unsuspecting dude named Viktor didn’t have a clue that the owner, Olga, knew a thing or two about kung fu. So as she was handing over the money Olga… KAPOW!… karate kicked him to the ground and then tied him up with the blow dryer cord. Rather than ring the police, Olga threw him in the storeroom and told the staff she would do it later. Hmm, maybe not. It is alleged she stripped him and cuffed him in fluffy pink handcuffs to a heater, before feeding him viagra. Huh, you have this shit at a hair salon?  She then had her way with him for 4 days. When she finally released him, he dragged his sorry ass to the hospital where he sort treatment for a broken frenulum (penis) and then proceeded to the police station to fill out a rape statement.

Psst I think this is another attempt by the KGB to spread disinfo!


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