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Did You Hear A Rattle?


snakeOh for the love of god, what hell did you uncover? When a snake wrangler got a call about a rattlesnake in a home loo, he suspected it wasn’t the only slithering beast in the house. After removing the loo snake he went on a little hunt and uncovered 13 rattlers in their storm cellar and another 10 under the house. Feet up people , feet up. The family said they hadn’t seen a rattlesnake in years. Seems they are secretive, sneaky buggers.

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More Like A Sprinting Track


Woohoo Illinois, thanks for the $1.2 million dollar cycle – pedestrian path you are planning to build right through a rattlesnake habitat. Bless. The city of Wheeling plan to begin construction in 2012 but have a slight prob, it’s the nesting grounds of the endangered and yet dangerous eastern massasauga rattlesnakes. Brilliant, you’ll have to peddle faster!


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