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LaWS Raygun Vaporizes

LaWS raygun

Watch out world, the US Navy just got a whole lot scarier.Introducing LaWS raygun, a weapon which simply vaporizes the target. Here is some of their naval speak “it represents the first Detect-Thru-Engage laser shoot-down of a threat representative target in an over-the-water, combat representative scenario”. In other words it can vaporize the heck out of anything it wants. Yep, forget the old Phalanx 20mm cannon which automatically locks onto missiles and blasts them out of the sky, that caused way too much shrapnel (and left too much evidence).Now it will be like, “What ship, we saw no ship! Hmm, I wonder how long before the raygun is used to vaporize more than just warheads?

Psst Now why can’t the government use some of this weaponry to stop the friggin oil leak? Hmm, like say, build a giant glue gun?


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