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Something To Tell The Grandchildren

You know what I hate? When a real estate drone takes a snap of  you sunbaking in a g-string and then the pic is blown up and placed on a giant billboard outside your neighbour’s house. Gotta hate that! The shot was taken to sell the property next door but no one bother to crop the poor woman out. . Evidently people were having a right old chuckle before she realised it was her. Oh and to make the shame more real the image  also appears in the real estate magazine and on the real estate website.

billboard naked 1


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One of my Loon Lurkers sent me this snap. For those of you unfamiliar with the term dag , it refers to the clump of dung that hangs from a sheep’s bottom. The term Daggy thus means to have no style.

Psst Thanks for the photo Yank in Oz.


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Hey Sherlock, Have I Got A House For You!

Did you hear something?

OK loons, continuing in my series of interesting houses on the market, how does this one sound? A “stunning, updated, classic  University Hill home with elegance of past generations combined with modern updates. Nicely finished basement with high end finishes, wet bar & wine cellar. ”  Did I hear you say Catch? Ah you know me so well. OK, the one little catch is it’s the Boulder home where  JonBenet Ramsey’s body was found in the basement the day after Christmas in 1996. Ooh yeah, a sleep with one eye open house!

Want to have  look see?

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I Was Just Showing Him The Back Passage!

Oh my, that’s  a tad awkward. An Illinois real estate agent has been caught starkers with a client in the master bedroom of a house he was flogging. The agent was sprung by the property owner’s son who, after discovering the men both naked,  called police.


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Don’t Worry, The Stains Should Come Out Of The Carpet

Hmm, about that house!

Bless, Aussie real estate agents can now be fined up to $1.1 million dollars if they fail to disclose murder houses  or problem neighbors  to potential buyers. Hopefully the new law, which came in effect on the 1st of July, will alleviate the anguish and nightmares which have befallen many who have eventually discovered they were living in a past crime scene.


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