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Happy New Year, TV Reality Star

Nude_stalkerDanielle Yancey? Anyone heard of Danielle Yancey? Well anywho, she is a US reality TV star (using that term lightly…never heard of her) and she just discovered a naked creepy guy wearing a Ronald Reagan mask wandering around her porch. Good news is, he had the decency to put a sock on it so she didn’t have the horror of seeing his manhood. The CCTV footage shows the creepy naked sock wearing guy peering into her window. Evidently HE was spooked by Danielle (anyone?) Yancey’s hubby and scampered off into the night. Sleep with one eye open.


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Walking Three Abreast

Man a no show for holding up idiot signWhat some people will do to become famous/infamous. A woman has spent $20,000 to have a third breast surgically attached to her chest in the vain hope she will become a reality star. The 21 year old was rejected by 50 doctors before she found one that didn’t have a prob with ethics. Now she has hired a camera crew to follower her around to record her struggles of being a woman with three breasts. She is naming her show ….wait for it … Jasmine’s Jugs. Lord have mercy!

Want sauce with that?



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