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Student Impaled On Bike Seat

Cyclist impaled on bicycle seatLook away bike riders this might make you wince. A Chinese student, who was merrily riding along to school, accidentally fell … but here’s where it all went terribly wrong…. when he fell the seat bent back and a steel rod under the seat went straight up his butt. Onlookers were horrified as the rod was unable to be dislodged. Enter firefighters who had to use the jaws of life to cut away the main part of the bicycle from his rear end so he could fit in the ambulance. Doctors were eventually able to remove the seat from his rectum but said “It damn near killed him!”


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Human Balloon

OK, OK, after some nudge, nudge, wink, wink  from Duncan (aka Madfrigginhatter), I will mention the sorry tale of Gareth Durrant. Seriously, it’s a sad tale of woe. Some how,  the poor electrician accidentally inflated his stomach after compressed air, from a power tool he was using, blew up his butt. Yes, butt!!! No loons, don’t ask me how that happened,something about the hose breaking and going up his shorts. Whatever, all I know is his tummy blew up like a friggin balloon . Evidently, the blast was so powerful it tore his bowel and severely damaged his intestines.

Want see what compressed air can do to your tummy? Click here.


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Hurt Much?

Oh dear, two Victorian men decided to shoot each other in the butt with an air rifle to see whether it would penetrate the skin or if it would hurt much. Yes Loons, of course they had been friggin drinking. Two days later the duo rocked up to hospital where they both required surgery to have the slugs removed from their arses and legs. So I guess the answer to their questions are YES, YES.

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Toddler Tattoo

Too bad her name doesn't start with A!

Oh for crying out loud, who the hell tattoos a one year old’s rear end? Hmm, seems Lee Deitrick does. Yes, Deitrick from Louisville, who isn’t the girl’s daddy, has been accused of  tattooing the letter “A” on her butt while she  was visiting his house. Despite Deitrick’s granny saying the tatt was just a “a wee-little hairline” if convicted he could face 5 years in the big house. Well, it could have been worse, he could have put the whole word !

Psst I hope he did a neat job!


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