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Reasons Why Saudi Women Aren’t Allowed To Drive

Reasons Why Saudi Women Aren't Allowed To DriveIt all makes sense now. The reason why women in Saudi Arabia aren’t allowed to drive is because it’s a health risk. According to Sheikh Salah al-Luhaydan, woman who get behind a wheel could risk hurting their ovaries and pelvises. Don’t believe him? Well, he has some pretty damning physiological science and functional medicine report evidence to back up his claim. The study says that if women drive it automatically affects ovaries and rolls up the pelvis. Sheez, nothing worse than a rolled up pelvis. Two year ago another “scientific” report claimed if women were allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia it would lead to an increase in homosexuality , pornography , divorce and prostitution for both men and women. Well, they better stay at home then.



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Five Reasons Why I won’t Be Featured on Freshly Pressed

Ok here’s the thing Loons, after Trippin With Rip and Zodi’s blog got featured on “Freshly Pressed” I thought, why the fuck hasn’t Bearman’s, Madhatters, Susi Spice, Jammers, or mine been highlighted for the world to see? So I did a bit of scrounging and found the prerequisite for being featured. Oh shit, for the love of god, now I see why, here are the five reasons….

1. I sure as hell don’t write unique content that’s free of bad stuff.
2. Hmm, yeah, OK, I include images or other visuals but it’s usually from clip art.
3. OK, I add tags but they usually include “friggin”, “WTF” and “for the love of god”,  which, evidently, is a big friggin “obscure” no-no.
4. Blahahahaah writing typo-free content …as if! Friggin dunbos!
5. A compelling headline which “Avoid swear words, excessive punctuation or vague statements.” You have got to be fucking kidding me!

Oh well, I don’t mind being on the bottom of the blog heap…at least I’m in good company.

Psst Hey Joy, do you take bribes by any chance (Bearman wants to know!!!!!).


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