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Born Again Virgin

Woman has her hymen rebuilt 6 timesGeez, I thought born again virgins were just a myth. Hmm not in Russia. Oh dear it seems women can have a hymenoplasty operation if they choose, which essential is a rebuilding of the hymen (stop rolling your eyes Ann!). One Russian woman known as Natalia K has had the procedure performed 6 times, which was probably one too many considering she is now in intensive care with an infection! The wanna be born-again virgin decided to have the procedure after her husband confessed he was a little upset she wasn’t a virgin when they married. So Natalia toddled off to a plastic surgeon for revirgination surgery. Hubby was so happy about the results Natalia continued to have the surgery every year. Despite the doctors warning her of the dangers of continued surgery Natalia was persistent. She should be out of intensive care real soon so she can get back to being a virgin!


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