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Should We Be Worried?

Old Vlad Putin has ordered all Russians abroad to return home. Hmm, this doesn’t sound good. Especially after the nation had a mega training drill on how to survive man made or natural disasters last week. Is he not telling us something?

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The moral of the story is to always check diligently over any High School Yearbooks before they go to print. OK, check it a few times, get other people to check it, for crying out loud these are friggin teens and they will do anything to get attention….ANYTHING. Unfortunately, a British school did not heed this advice and are now currently recalling all their yearbooks. Seems a brave lad whipped out his willy during a group shot, which embarrassingly , for him, was not noticed until after the yearbook was printed and some of his mates tweeted the photo.

willy gate


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Dell’s Kitty Litter Laptop

Dell laptop smells like cat pissAttention loons, if your Latitude 6430u ultrabooks Dell laptop smells like cat piss you are eligible for a replacement. Evidently the company has been inundated with complaints about a cat urine stench  coming from the keyboard. One disgruntled customer said “it smells as if it was assembled near a tomcat’s litter box.” Dell confirms they have located the issue and promise the new Ultras will be kitty litter free. Hmm, I blame the mouse.

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Hyundai Has Some recalling to Do

If you sit in the passenger seat of a Hyundai Fanta Fe SUV and weigh less than 130lbs there is probably a good chance you’ll be the only one smarting during an accident. Seems those friggin airbags won’t deploy unless you’re fat. Oh and if you happen to own a new Sonata sedan you might get kabooomed occasionally as they have a side air bag malfunction which causes them to deploy without warning.


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Irony Of The Week

Kleenex-brand Luxury Foam Hand Sanitizer has been recalled due to bacterial contamination.


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I Didn’t Know There Was Even Such A Thing As Chicken Apple Sauce!

If by any remote chance you happen to have a packet of Eddy Packing Co’s chicken apple sausage lying around in your pantry, you might want to bin it. Evidently customers have been bitching about the chunks of plastic they keep finding in it.


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Exploding Toothbrush Recall

Um, attention all people with a Colgate-Palmolive Motion Electric Toothbrush, you might want to step away from the device as  it just might go off like a bomb. So far there have been nine reports of these particular toothbrushes exploding. Health Canada have announced a complete recall of the battery operated death trap despite there have been no recorded serious injuries yet .

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Plastic Not Part Of The Meal

That was filling!

Attention Lean Cuisine “spag and meatballs” eaters, those hard crunchy bits aren’t part of the food. Nestle have recalled the meals distributed in Wisconsin, South Dakota and Minnesota due to plastic bits found amongst the meatballs.


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Attention Walmart Shoppers

A Great Value chicken nugget recall people, proceed to checkout 1. Seems bits of plastic were found in some of the packaging. Hmm, and here I was thinking that was it’s main content!

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Kelloggs Package Liners Stink

OK Loons, if any of you have Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops or Honey Smacks cereals in your pantry, you might want to bin them. Kelloggs are having a 28 million box recall on the products after several consumers complained about a horrible smell and flavor coming from the package liners. The liners folks, the LINERS!!!! Five of the people who complained actually vomited. Only boxes with the letters “KN” after the used by date are included in the recall.


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