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Not In The IKEA Meatballs!!!!

We don't care

We don’t care

IKEA’s Swedish meatballs have been removed from stores in 20 countries because they suspect they contain horse meat .

Psst I suggest you assemble your own meatballs in future.


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Erectile Dysfunction Supplement Recalled

You know what I hate? When a Erectile dysfunction supplement is recalled. Sorry guys the single-capsule RegenErect dietary supplement contains an unapproved drug called tadalafil. Hmm, how’s about a game of Scrabble?

Psst Do you pronounce it tadalafil or tada-la-fil?


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Please Explain Again James Murdoch

Oh boy, James Murdoch has been recalled back to British parliament. This can’t be good. Seems a few ex News Corpers have contradicted statements made by Rupert’s son during a grilling last month. Sheez, they should have tapped their phones!


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Underwear Packaging Is Pornographic

Sheez, when local pastor Frank Boren says “pornographic”,  Walmart say “how high”. Seems the pastor was horrified when he went shopping in the Cullman store for some undies and came across a packet which he believed had inappropriate pictures on it. He complained several times to Walmart  so they recalled them. OMG, I hope he doesn’t venture into the bra section.

Thanks Pastor Frank!!!!


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Would You Like Cadmium With That?

Hey psst Loons, if you happened to have got yourself a McDonald’s Shrek drinking glass, you might want to throw it away. Not that any of you would, but just in case! Evidently 13.4 million of them have been recalled due to the toxic metal cadmium found in the paint design. You know, the crap that shrivels your kidneys and makes your bones soften. No not the food silly, the friggin paint, stay with me here. Anywho, got one, get rid of it!

Psst Loons of Australia, Asia  and Europe you can ignore this public service announcement, it’s only the US and Canada who have fallen foul of the tainted paint.


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