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No, No, Power Rangers

richard-simmons2Oh no not again. Remember a few years back a Power Ranger was sentenced to death for murdering an Arizona couple by tying them to an anchor and throwing them off a yacht into the ocean? Hmm, yeah well the red Power Ranger is now in a pickle. Ricardo Medina Jr. has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his roomie to death with a sword. This is one scary franchise.


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Ranga Seal Rejected By It’s Mom

Picture: Caters / Picture Media

Grab your Kleenex loons, I’ve got another weepy for you. A ginger albino baby seal has been found abandoned by it’s mother in Russia. Seems the red fur was just freaking her the hell out! Photographer Anatoly Strakhov found the pup hiding under some logs while it’s brothers and sister were frolicking around with their mommy. Fortunately the half blind little ranga will have a new home at a Russian dolphinarium where it won’t get teased and ridiculed.

Psst Word of warning if you decide to look for a  video of  this weird creature on Youtube, I suggest you don’t use the keywords “seal” or “pup”. Dear god, do they still friggin club them!!!! I’m just sayin!!!


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