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Who Let The Gingers Out?

Ranga day in the Netherlands sees over 5,000 redheads gather in Breda. Unfortunately only 1,255 were actually natural gingers.


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Ranga Sperm Unpopular

Oh my, seems the largest sperm bank in the world  are telling redheads not to bother donating.  The demand for little ginger headed babies just ain’t there, oh except if you are Irish. Seems the Irish aren’t fussy!

Want sauce with that?


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Strawberry Blondes Upset Over Christmas Cards

Dear Santa, You Suck!

Funny but inappropriate, Tesco have conceded and removed a Christmas card which pulls the piss on redheads. The card, which features Santa bouncing a redheaded kid on his knee reads “Santa loves all kids. Even GINGER ones”. Oooh awkward! The card was particular hurtful to Davinia Phillips who has three ginger haired daughters who said “If it had been about a black child or an overweight child the store would have been shut down by now.”

Psst Thank god they didn’t use ranga!


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Kick a Ginger Day


Oh dear, a 12 year old redhead boy who was attacked by  group of school kids may have been a victim of “Kick a Ginger Day”. Damn those Facebook groups and Southpark. Hmm, evidently the Facebook posting urged people to seek out redheads and kick them.


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