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Death By Falling Fridge

OK, here’s the thing people, when hurling a fridge over a fourth floor balcony make sure your work colleague is a good catcher. A man died in Milwaukee after he was hit by a fridge thrown from an apartment building by his work mates. Despite the men yelling a warning the victim is believed to have walked right under the path of the fridge as it fell.


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Dog Gone and You Too

Sheez, taping a dog to a fridge in Colorado will get you 30 days jail , people. Abby Toll found out the hard way that being nasty to a pooch will cost ya. I don’t know what the 2 year old dog did but using hair ties and tape to bind the mutt’s snout and legs together before sticking him upside down on the refrigerator is pretty cruel. Oh OK, it was payback for her boyfriend paying more attention to the dog than her.Hmm, well  that’s alright then!

Never you mind loons the dog has been adopted by another family.


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