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Lost In Translation

asian-frownWhen a Chinese tourist in Germany had his wallet stolen he toddled off to report the incident to police. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the police he found but someone who handed him an asylum application. This set the wheels in motion. He was sent to northwestern Germany and placed in a refugee home. The poor bastard just wanted to have a holiday in Germany, France and Italy but instead sat bewildered in the refugee home for 12 days until he was given access to a translation app.

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Trust In Authority Is Pretty Much Gone

Po La Hay

You know what I hate? When cops burst into the wrong home and beat the shit out of the wrong person who just happens to be a refugee  who was seeking safety in Canada after being forced into a refugee camp by authorities in Myanmar (once Burma). I really hate that. Heavily armed police officers stormed Po La Hay’s home in Hamilton looking for a cocaine dealer. A terrified Mr Hay instantly dropped to the ground when he saw them believing he was being robbed. After stating his name was “Po La” it’s alleged the police officers smashed his face into the floor and began kicking him. Canadian police have accepted full responsibility and admitted they got the address wrong. Little comfort for Mr Hay who is now nursing a broken rib, stitches to his left eye, bruised nose and red marks along his back.

Background – Mr Hay and his family belong to the Karen people which are a persecuted ethnic group of the country formerly known as Burma. During the 1990’s they were rounded up by police and thrown into a refugee camp where his wife later died from malaria. Mr Hay managed to escape with his young son and daughter to Thailand where they were eventually granted refugee status in Canada.


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