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Patience is not always a virtue

Cops in Britain waited over three weeks for a guy to poop out the 44 bags of crack and heroin that he had placed up his butt. The drug dealer, who originally refused to eat , was eventually taken to hospital to have them retrieved by a doctor. Days up butt= 23 days, Street value = $2,000, Street cred = 0.

Psst: The dude got 23 months.


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You Just Can’t Win

runningWhat is the world coming to? Evidently a court-appointed psychiatrist told a judge during a custody hearing that a man was an unfit parent because …wait for it …he refused to take his son to McDonald’s. Evidently his 4 year old chucked a hissing fit during a visitation when he was told he could go to any restaurant except Maccas for dinner. When the snowflake refused all other options, he was put to bed without dinner. As a result he was deemed unfit and is now Mcsuing.

Want sauce with that?


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“Bomb” Will Get You In Trouble Every Time

Man with Tourettes told couldn't fly because he said bombA man was not allowed to board a plane from the US to Puerto Rico because he kept repeating the word “bomb”. Steady on loons, the man has Tourette Syndrome and when he gets nervous he sometimes says  things he’s trying to suppress, like all the Boston bombing mayhem. His friends had notified the airline and TSA about his condition prior but obviously they didn’t take it into consideration. Sheez , he could have sat next to me, I wouldn’t have cared , I’m more worried about the plane crashing.


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No ID, No Whisky

OK, here’s the thing staff at One Stop Shop in Essex, if a 92 year old woman comes into your store to buy a bottle of whisky and she doesn’t have photo ID, damn straight don’t serve her. After pulling out her bus pass and blood donor card Great-grandmother Diane Taylor was  forced to go to another shop because “staff cannot sell alcohol without seeing proof of age.” Cruel, I know, but you can never be too careful.


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