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It’s the Season To Regift , Fa Lalalala Lalalala

Woohoo Loons, you only have four days to Christmas, you better get your regifts ready.  Make sure you don’t leave any tell tale signs.

Here’s a idea for those stumped at what to regift ..

crazy cat



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The Art of Regifting

Try not getting caught or you will have to guilt gift next year.

Regifting is the deceptive art of passing on a present you have been given by someone else, without ever getting caught (come on, we’ve all been there!). If you are lucky and plan well, you won’t ever have to buy a present again. So here are some do’s and don’ts about regifting this season…

1. Check for hidden notes, written messages or cards in, on or stuck to the present (I always write a little note on the second page of books I give, just to make it a challenge for anyone even remotely thinking about passing it on, so look extra carefully people!).
2. Make note of who gave you the gift because in a month or two you wont remember, which means you increase the chance of giving it back to the same person later down the track (awkward).
3. Never use the same wrapping paper on a regift (have some dignity!)
4. Never ever regift something you have used (that’s just wrong).
5. If you are going to regift a book make sure, if you read it first, not to leave fingerprints, dog ears or food particles between the pages (oh and refreign from telling them you have read it). Also note, pages of books will eventually go yellow on the edges so speed read! If you regift Cd’s or DVD’s remove all fingerprints.
6. Never regift to a friend, relative or close associate of the person who gave you the original present. It always starts with “oh I gave so and so one just like it” and then it inevitably ends in tears.
7. Dates, dates, dates. Anything that resembles food has a used by date so make sure they are handballed ASAP. I once regifted a nicely packaged bottle of liquor from Italy only to discover to my horror when they opened the box there was a souvenir calender inside dated way too far back for it to be remotely cool!
8. Regift to the appropriate value. Nothing says regifting like an expensive present to a relative you meet once a year (they just know).
9. Try and give a gift that the recipient will remotely appreciate. Granny will not like socks!
10. Never regift freebies such as airplane stuff, Christmas carol CD’s (which were attached to a woman’s magazine) or anything that says “not to be sold separately”. Oh and for the record, scented candles, bath salts and fruitcakes are dead giveaway regifted items. If need be, gather them all up and give them as a hamper.

SPECIAL NOTE : Make sure you have all your bases covered for potential questions that may be asked about your gift, like “where did you buy it from because I must get one for my friend?”, “how did you know it was exactly what I wanted? “, “Oh gosh, it’s just like the one you have at your place isn’t it?”. The hardest question to dodge is the “Oh  I have this already, do you still have the receipt?”. Happy friggin holidays!


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