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Vodka Bears


Ukraine is rounding up all its drunken bears off the streets and throwing them into rehab. Seems Greenpeace and WWF have finally convinced the country to place a total ban on alcohol drinking bears. Three recovering alcoholic brown bears are set to be released into a 30 acre forest very soon. They will be surrounded by people from the nearby villages who are “kindly and churchgoing”. Unfortunately Rosa, a big female bear is still an alcoholic …hmm watch out kindly and churchgoing people!!! It is estimated that there are over 100 vodka drinking bears looking to dry out.


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Winehouse back in Rehab I Say Yes, Yes, Yes,

Sculling a miniature bottle of Smirnoff then vomiting in a hair salon toilet before telling staff “I just puked all over your bathroom.”  must mean one thing, Amy Winehouse has decided to go back to rehab. Yep, the trainwreck got in one last swig before checking in for treatment at The Priory.

Want sauce with that?


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Who’s a Chump Now?

One chain smoking piss pot!

The best place for a beer drinking , cigarette smoking chimpanzee is friggin rehab. Zhora an ex-circus monkey from Russia has become so addicted to alcohol and nicotine he would pester people for a puff or a swig. Now concerned zookeepers have decided the best place for Zhora is rehab. Hmm, better late than never!


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For Richer For Poorer, For Better For Worse

Photo AP

Photo AP

OK people, what is wrong with this picture? Hmm, 37 year old Che Mat Nor Musa, who is married to 106 year old (that’s no typo people!) Wook Kundor, has just been busted for heroin. Ms Kundor claims she had known about her hubby’s previous drug addiction when she married him in 2006 but was unaware he was still using. Hmm, I wonder if she knew he was 70 years her senior too? Anywho he’s off to rehab and she will sit at home and sleep await his return. Geez, don’t take too long at rehab Musa!

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