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Daddy Dearest

Severina Maria da Silva,  a Brazilian  mother of 12 who had been sent to jail for hiring hitmen to kill her hubby, has been released. Why? Hmm, seems her husband was actually her father who’d been raping her for 28 years. Evidently the abuse started when she was only 9 and what was even worse,  her mother was in on it! During that time she had 12 of her father’s children however, sadly, only 5 children survived, including two with severe disabilities. When Ms Silva realized her hubby/father was about to start raping their daughter/granddaughter she hired two men to bump him off. When the judge heard the whole tragic story he cleared her of murder. In a strange little twist Ms Silva says she wants to reconcile with her mother!

Psst Oh and if you were  Wondering about the two killers? Hmm, they didn’t get off so lightly, they won’t be out for another 17-18 years.

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Psst Guess who just got out of jail?  Julian Assange…. pass it on!


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