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Amish VS Auburn

It’s a shit fight, literally. Seems when it comes to putting a bag under a horse’s butt to stop it from crapping everywhere it’s a violation of the Amish community’s religious standards. The Auburn Amish sect in Kentucky are fighting the 37 citations (so far) for their horse droppings. Yep, the horse drawn buggies maybe cute but the mess left behind , not so. The Amish sect are refusing to place a bag under their horses and the city continues to fine them.

Psst I’m guessing no one wants to be the sucker who has to empty the bag.

2nd Psst But they could bag it and sell it as Authentic Amish Horse Poop.

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Half A Man Speaks

Oh for crying out loud, the actor who plays Jake on Two and Half Men has gone all self righteous and hypocritical it seems,  after he discovered religion. Angus T Jones  filmed a video rant telling “true God-fearing” people  to stop watching the show because it’s basically evil. Hmm, yet despite his rant he hasn’t quit   Two And A Half Men and is quite happy to pocket the $300,000 per ep. He might want to give Kirk Cameron a ring.


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Pope Ticket Sales Poor

Awkward. Seems Pope Benedict XVI is having probs flogging tickets to his open air Masses in Britain. Hmm, here’s a Christian thing to do, don’t friggin charge them and they might come!


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Global Warming & Biblical Armageddon Must Be Taught In Classroom

The science and religious debate just got a whole lot uglier with Christian groups demanding that Armageddon (aka end of the world) should be taught in public schools alongside global warming.


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Pastor Shows Gay Porn In Church

Love Thy Neighbor, but just not that way!

So you’re a homophobic pastor from Uganda what’s the best way to get your message across? Show gay porn that’s what. Martin Ssempa , the Christian that wants to impose the death penalty for some gays, showed the pornography during his church service and plans to continue to do so.  Yes, the pastor is either on a crusade  or is hiding a deep dark yearning. Thank goodness he isn’t against child pornography.

Psst And the lesson today is you just don’t go on your knees to pray!


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Baptist’s Down Under

Blahahahahaha sorry for laughing, but a southern US evangelist family are planning to set up a mission in Darwin to save “the unreached city” from alcoholism and sexual promiscuity. Good luck with that! The Gibbs family who are Baptists from North Carolina heard of Darwin’s big old drinking probs and their hell high sexually transmitted diseases rate and felt the need to help. The family says “Though the government tries to combat these problems with social programs, we as Christians know that it is only Christ who can truly heal this territory.” Adam, Bethany and their daughter Michaela Gibbs plan to head Down Under and save some souls. OMG they have no friggin idea!

Psst Oh yeah they are serious, even set themselves up a blog about their journey here Aussie Bound.


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