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Top Fecal Matter Hiding Spots in Hotel Rooms

Honey, do you smell something?

OMG, just another reason why you should take antiseptic wipes every friggin where you go. A recent study of hotel rooms revealed that the most common place you will find fecal matter is on the TV remote, telephone and bedside lamp. AND by fecal matter I mean poo loons, poo!!!! Oh and don’t bother tipping the maid, she/he is the likely culprit in spreading bacteria thanks to contaminate mops and cleaning gear.


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Rogue Shark Gives Pilot A Scare

A pilot of a passenger jet in New Zealand got the fright of his life by a friggin airbourne shark. Yep, I know what you are thinking but, no. It was a remote control helium filled balloon shark. The shark  is suppose to be used indoors but it must be another friggin rogue one . Sheez, that could have been a blood bath!


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World Cup Leads To Murder

Hmm, it was bad enough that Australia got beaten by Germany during the World Cup but imagine a man getting killed because he wanted to watch the game!!! Not friggin worth it my friend!!! David Makoeya, from a small village in South Africa , was desperate to watch the match but his wife and two kids  were equally desperate to watch a gospel show.  So it was no surprise that  a fight broke out over the remote. However, as a last act of defiance, Mr Makoeya changed the channel manually , which in hindsight wasn’t a good idea because his wife and kids beat the crap out of him. In fact they ended up  killing him! Hmm, well there goes Father’s Day.


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I’d Be Changing Channels and Friends

OMG, Huang Chen, a 19 year old student rocks up at the Hunan Hangtian Hospital in Changsha, China drunk as a skunk, complaining about a pain in his ass. As Chen is being examined he rolls over in bed and suddenly the channel changes on the ward TV. After X-Rays are completed, doctors are stunned to discover that the reason for his pain is a remote control lodged up his butt. Hmm, seems his roomies thought it would be funny to stick it up his ass as he lay collapsed on the floor. Unfrigginlucky. See people, binge drinking can leave you legless and a right pain in the ass. Oh and worst of all, remote control-less.

Psst I don’t know Loons, those X-rays don’t look right to me. Did they shove or shoot that remote up his colon?


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Gonna Get Me One Of Those

If I was ever going to get myself a remote control toy, this would have to be it. Imagine buzzing people in my own expandable school bus……


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