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When the Chips Are Down

A dumbass mountain lion tried to slip into a Reno Casino but couldn’t figure out how work the revolving door, so he left. Wildlife officers later located him trying to order a beer (kidding) he was hiding under an outdoor stage so they darted him and dumped him back in the wild. Sheez, he was only looking for a place to play Craps!!!


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I’ll Drink To That

Can anyone name the “drunkest” city in America? If you said Milwaukee, have a drink. On average they guzzle around 13 drinks a month. The other greatest cities  on earth include Fargo, San Francisco, Austin and Reno.


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911 Bomb Threats

Leland Dement Jr

Oh for goodness sakes Leland E. Dement Jr, why would you ring 911 over and over again making bomb threats against Our Lady of the Snows School in southwest Reno? Geez, surely you knew that will get you a date with a magistrate? Mr Dement Jr rang 911 over 20 times resulting in the bomb-sniffing dogs being unleashed at the school. No explosives were found but Mr Dement Jr was arrested and charged with misuse of the 911 system and making a bomb threat. Nice one.

Psst I am guessing he’s an ex student?


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GPS Sucks

OK people here’s the thing, use a friggin road directory rather than trust those damn GPS navigation systems. A couple in Reno spent 3 days (including Christmas) stranded in their car after their GPS lead them into a snow drift. John Rhoads and his wife Starry Bush-Rhoads were driving home when they followed the GPS instructions which lead them onto a forest service road and into 1.5 ft of snow. After three days living in their car they were finally rescued. Hmm, moral of the story , never set your GPS to shortest route option.


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