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The Show Must Go On

A news reporter continued talking to camera despite a guy getting cleaned up by a moped behind her.

PSST  No one was hurt, other than dignity.

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Not in My Job Description

How far would a reporter go to get a story? Well, one St Louis journo picked up human poop and sniffed it. The woman was reporting was on a farmer who was using human feces to fertilize his crops. During the interview she reached down and picked up the “treated” poop and gave it a good old whiff declaring it “doesn’t smell good”.

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And I’m Gonna Punch You Again

OMG, why didn’t the reporter see this coming. Blind Freddy would have known to leave well alone.


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Say What? I Got No STD

Reporter takes down drunk videobomber with an awesomne own.

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Spin Starts Here

Reporter who trashed obama donated to his victory fundRemember the Fox News reporter Jesse Watters who trashed Obama on Bill O’Reilly and claimed everyone who voted for Obama were zombies? Yeah him. Well, it appears, thanks to public records, that Mr Watters aka Mr Zombie contributed $500 to Obama Victory Fund 2012. Awkward. Oh and he also listed his employer as “News Corp” which owns Fox News. Make that a double awkward.


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Reporter vs Ostriches

Why would anyone chose to do a report in a friggin field of ostriches. They sure do look like they enjoyed messing with him!



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That’s Gotta Friggin Hurt

A Russian reporter gets…oh never mind, just  watch


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Dog Bites Reporter’s Face

Moral of this story is don’t stick your face up to a dog who has just been rescued. Denver anchor Kyle Dyer had her face bitten on live TV after she leaned in to kiss the pooch. Ouch!

or for the morbidly inclined…


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Slippery Slope

I’m guessing her ass stuck to the ice slide?


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Dude That’s Friggin Poop

Yeah about that sea foam. It’s friggin sewage, fool! One of Hurricane Irene reporters, Tucker Barnes, spent several minutes describing the sea foam that continued to spray over him during the hurricane tropical storm. Turns out it was a toxic mix of pollution and cyanobacteria. Basically raw sewage, which would explain why “It doesn’t taste great,”


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